Picked me up 2 new knives today

Discussion in 'Knives/Cutlery' started by dman24, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. dman24

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    We had a fall festival today. There were a whole lot of venders set up. One had some knives. He said he was trying to sell American stuff, but had some others. I got a Marttiini, that is Finnish made and sharp as all get out. I also got a buck with a blaze orange handle. Got both for $50, which I think is a good deal.
  2. Anytime we come away from a Gun/Knife show or auction with a purchase and we're still smiling, that's a GOOD day!

  3. dman24

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    My girlfriend said I looked like a little kid. I couldn't decide which one I wanted, and since she was paying for it she told me I could have both. I got real excited with a poop eating grin and all. Now I can't wait to get a deer to try them out.
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    Charlotte Gunshows

    Sir; The Charlotte Gunshows; especially Dixie shows; are having many more knife type vendors. The trend is new; prices remain about the same; but with more vendor competition; ''might spell'' a better price