Pics of my new toy (the most hated pistol on earth)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by stitchclimber, May 1, 2008.

  1. So I picked a hi point this afternoon. Got a good deal on it. Should be a fun little toy. Here are the pics. Let the hating begin.


    Does the hi point carbine use the same mags?
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  2. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    I wouldn't say I hate 'em, but they sho' is ugly! Did they have any .45 carbines? I'm kinda interested in those.

  3. They are as ugly as hell.

    I'm not sure if the .45's are out yet... I got mine via private sale.
  4. How much you pay for the Hi-Point?
  5. $100

    That's a lot cheaper than I can find them in the stores. The guy got it a year ago and fired it once, he didn't like the feel of it so he sold it to me.
  6. Thats a steal, nice job!
  7. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    Is that a .40 or .45? I just emailed them to see if the .45 carbines are out yet. That's what I really want, since I have five .45 pistols.
  8. The pistol I got was the C9 9mm.

    I haven't seen any of the .45 carbines hit the stores yet.
  9. Windwalker

    Windwalker G&G Newbie

    Yeah, want to see one of the .45 Carbines.
  10. I'll prolly buy one. Anyone know if the carbines share magazines with their pistols?
  11. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    If it goes bang regularly and hits what you're aiming at, it's a good gun.

    Guess this goes along with any landing you can walk away from (and someone important doesn't want to speak with you) is a good one.
  12. First time I saw one I was repelled, but now I think they look cool and I feel drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Don't know why.
  13. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    I don't know if the mags interchange, but I'd bet they do. Call 'em and ask.
  14. ander254

    ander254 Guest

    can't help but say she's fugly. but for $100 and pretty reliable according to some, might make a decent truck gun.
  15. FS00008

    FS00008 Сергей Иванович Мосин. Forum Contributor

    I'd get a .45 and have it as a truck gun for sure.
  16. There not ugly to me. BUT they seem to have a Futureristic look about them.
  17. meatloaf

    meatloaf Guest

    those guns fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, and then the tree fell on them. But hey what the hell it works and it cost a 100 bucks.
  18. Big Tool

    Big Tool G&G Newbie

    For 100.00 you could use them as stocking stuffers during christmas.
  19. +1 for me.

    Maybe I just like ugly guns. I'll definitely have to get one.
  20. ander254

    ander254 Guest

    I could see maybe a laser beam coming out of one. Did they copy star trek's design?:09: kinda has the same design minus the front mag well.
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