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  1. I have no idea if this will work or if it can be seen, but here it goes
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    I know you put a lot of work in this thanks for sharing.

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    Dear Snake,
    I am straining my eyes to the point of blindness trying to make out an entire line of text but failing miserably. You may think Im crazy but from the individiual words I think I can see it looks like Italian! Im goint to try and enlarge it and see if I can see anything more. Regardless of language, the word "NOTA" over the last column in the table means "grade or score" so this is definately some kind of quality control tag.

    I will try and see what I can do to improve the image and be right back.
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    Hmmm, I manipulated that picture like crazy but cant pull-out any more details in the text. Lots of words seem to end with "a", "es", etc and that makes me think its Italian or something related......maybe Romanian? If I could just see one complete line of text I could say for sure.

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    Have it framed and hang it next to your rifles. If ya ever figure it out let us know what it means.
  6. I have checked online dictionaries in both Hungarian and Romanian. The problem is that a word will come back with a meaning in Hungarian and Romanian so I'm still not sure what language it is. I hadnt thought about Italian. I have checked on words that I'm absolutely sure of and can be easily seen on the paper and I think Cranky is right---it is some sort of a quality control tag. There are several lines for signatures and some of the columns appear to be places to note any problems.`I have looked at it with a magnifying glass and have gotten most of the words that are still legible written down so now if I could just find their meaning. I'm not done with this yet. Its turned into a quest. I WILL figure it out!
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    When you do figure it out, let us know.......
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    Printed it out..played with size color ect.. gave the diffrent printouts to an Albanian security guard but she could not makke out the words....too blured ect. Will keep giveing it a try.