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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by calaper, May 18, 2008.

  1. calaper

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    In .243win, what weight projectile would be best for hunting wild pig? I've got 100 gr soft points but was wondering if the 80 gr would be up to the job?
  2. On paper I think 80gr would do but I would prefer 100gr in .243. overall I would prefer a larger caliber myself. I always try to plan for the "just in case you need it situation" I am half Murphy so my luck isn't the greatest.

  3. runfiverun

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    you need to penetrate the shoulders on a pig, a 44 would probably be a better bet here, even a 357 with a cast bullet i think would be preferable.
  4. AKHunter

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    100gr soft point will work just fine and would be my choice in that caliber.
  5. Ron AKA

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    Either one should be fine. I recall the gun you have has a 1 in 10 twist barrel. 100 grains should work, but you may want to check it for accuracy. If it is not what you expect then I would go for the 80 grains to see if accuracy picks up some.

  6. In my experience with Pig killing it is usually a short range hunt 50 yards or less so I'm gonna agree with the 100 grain soft point. If you want to take the long shots then you will want to match up the bullet and barrel.
  7. telkev

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    I use 100 grain nosler partions in my 243 handloads. If you don't handload, I think federal premium offers them also. Great penetration for vitals and head-shots.
  8. calaper

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    Great, thanks guys!
  9. samuel

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    Since pigs are a little tougher than deer and come in multiple sizes,I would choose the 100gr,preferably a polimer tip. sam.

    I know I don't know anything but in my experience a 1in10" twist in .243cal. will stabilise a 100gr bullet very nicely and mfg,s have mostly moved to a 1in9 1/4".I do hope some formula doesnt prove me wrong.All I have is field experience. sam.
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  10. Ron AKA

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    Sam you are correct, and I appreciate your experienced advice here.

    A 1 in 10" twist will be ok for nearly all 100 grain bullets providing the barrel really is a 1:10. One of the quality issues in button rifled barrels is ensuring the twist is really what it is supposed to be. That I why I suggested testing it for accuracy. It will just veryify the barrel/bullet/velocity combination is ok.

    Common bullets used for 6mm/.243 long range match competition (600-1000 yds) are the very low drag 100-107 grain match style. Most often a 1 in 8" spin is used to ensure they stay stable. At the other end of the scale the short range 100 yard competition guys using a 68 grain bullet will go 1 in 13 or 14". The short bullets don't need the extra spin and it only decreases accuracy.

    But, again a normal hunting bullet of 100 grains should be ok at 1 in 10.