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  1. Dave Holl

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    I've been reading that some 13-2's have pinned barrels and recessed cylinders and others don't. Can I tell by looking if mine is pinned or not? What about the recessed cylinder? Mine is serial no. 77153.

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    Dave, Your 13-2 should be pinned and recessed. In the engineering change of 1982, the model 13-3 dropped the pinned and recessed (PR) barrel and cylinder.

    If you Open the cylinder, the holes that the cartridges go into have been counter-bored to also take the rim of the .357 shell flush with the cylinder star. This is recessed.

    The pinned barrel was a small pin about .066 diameter, a little smaller than a toothpick, placed in to hold the barrel from turning. If you look at the topstrap, about 1/2 inch forward of the cylinder, you will see this tiny pin, going from side to side.

    Your serial number should have a 2D prefix. If so, it was born around 1977. Yours should be a three screw round or square butt fixed sight model 10-6 on steroids. This was a popular F.B.I issue in 1974.

    Enjoy your revo, they are about the same value, maybe 10% less than the model 19 combat magnum. -Phil

  3. while i do not own a model 13, i do have 2 s&w revolvers that have pinned barrels ( a model 10 and a model 1917) and one that does not (a model 36).... if you look where the receiver and the barrel are joined, at the top of the receiver on the side, you may see a small pin.... that would be a "pinned" barrel....

    if you look at the rear of the cylinder, you will see either a machined recess to accept the rim of the cartridge, or there will be no recess, and the rim of the cartridge will stick out past the rear face of the barrel.... of the three that i own, none are recessed, although i once owned a s&w model 28 .357 that was indeed recessed....
    hope this answers your question....
  4. Dave Holl

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    Many thanks for the good info. I see exactly what you describe. The pin machining is so fine that it is barely visible.

    The serial no. prefix is "B6", 2 screw, fixed sight, square butt.
  5. Dave Holl

    Dave Holl G&G Regular

    Many thanks for the good info. I see exactly what you describe. The pin machining is so fine that it is barely visible.

    The serial no. prefix is "B6", 2 screw, fixed sight, square butt.

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    Good day Dave, The third screw is under the grips (stocks) near the top of the grip. I am curious about your prefix. My notes show that the model 13 had a "D" prefix from 1968 to 1977, then 2D to 30D from 1977 to 1983. To the best of my knowledge, the "B" prefix was used on the model 61 Escort. Check your prefix again, possibly you have a prefix anomaly that would be VERY interesting. -Phil
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    S & W recessed just their magnum revolvers (remember, when it comes to S & W, every rule has an exception) and their .22 caliber revos for safety reasons. This counterboring (recessed) process was ended in the early 80's as it was deemed unnecessary and too expensive. -Phil
  8. Dave Holl

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    Thanks Phil.

    I've checked and double checked, and even with my aging eyes, it's still the same.

    The "B6" is stamped above the serial no. and with a different die than the serial no. The B6 is slightly larger.

    More research I guess. Maybe other members will respond.

    I appreciate your help.

  9. PhilRich01

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    Dave, I'm guessing that you are looking at the number on the crain, or yoke, next to the model number, the part of the cylinder assembly and not the frame. I believe the "B6" is an assembly number, probably naming the bin the parts were in before final assembly.

    Did you look on the butt of the gun, you might have to remove the grips if you have targets or oversized stocks. The number on the butt will be the serial number. Also, if you look at the side of the grip frame, that "B6", same different font, might possibly be there. Hopefully this will explain the "anomoly" Good Luck. -Phil
  10. Dave Holl

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    I removed the grips and found other numbers.

    Left frame: (oriented like this)

    B6 5 F3
    77153 G18

    Right frame:

    T (with a circle around it) E (with a triangle around it)

    Butt: 9 D04864

    What do you make of those numbers?

  11. PhilRich01

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    EUREKA! Did you find the third screw under the stocks (grips)?

    Ok, most of the mystery is solved. Your serial number, the one that was used if the gun was registered, and not all states required registering in certain time periods, is "9D04864". This makes your gun very likely a 1981 manufacture. This was the last year that S & W pinned and recessed (PR) their magnums. PR guns are more desirable (especially to collectors) because many believe this was part of "old world craftsmanship".

    The 77153 number is an assembly number, and the other numbers are location or bin numbers. The "T" in the circle and the "E" in the triangle mean something, but I do not have my references with me at this time. Maybe the resident expert "Hammer Down" will step in. He is a plethora of S & W knowledge. I am but a studied amateur.

    Hope this answers most all your questions. Enjoy your magnum. If you get a chance Dave, I would love to see some pics of your mod 13. -Phil
  12. Dave Holl

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    Many thanks for the time and effort researching the numbers. Yes, the third screw was under the grip just as you said. The historian for S&W is Roy Jinks, I found out. (you probably know that already) I don't plan to do this, but for $50 he will give a complete history of the firearm, or so it says.

    I was surprised to find the blue under the grips to be rust free and in great shape.

    Yes, I'll post pics when I take several, and figure out how to post them. Hope I can return the favor one day.

  13. Hammer Down

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    Hello Dave
    The T-Prefix along with the E-Prefix are either inspector stamps or possibly the guns feature preferences. These guns under go many inspection's from start to finish and when major assembly Points are reached the symbol's and prefix's are applied to show the steps have been preformed to the next point of assembly and completion. I can't be sure how many steps were preformed on your era gun, but I do know back in the early 1950's time span, it was claimed that each handgun underwent over 2000 seperate operations, and there were over Five Hundred completed assembly steps performed of Parts and Components before a gun went to test firing, so as you can see, a stamped prefix can be one of the many inspection step's or the stamps were to show that the gun reached and completed one of it's main assembly points and or inspections required to final assembly. As Far as The Pinning of the barrel and recessing of the cylinder, the time line of Ceasing Pinned barrels and recessed cylinder's being 1981 can only be used as a Basic guide line as S&W used up existing frames & Cylinder'sthey had on hand all ready made up and in stock Bins or storage, that is why we see some with Pinned barrels and not recessed cylinder's or ones that may have recessed cylinders yet their barrels are not pinned. S&W was not known to waste Parts unless a design change pertained to safety reason's, some of these design changes can take years to show up in different dash series depending on how Popular a gun model is for retail sales....H.D.
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