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Pistol grip patterns

Discussion in '1911' started by Tha Dave, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Tha Dave

    Tha Dave G&G Evangelist

    Nov 24, 2009
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    Does anyone have any 1/1 scale print and trace patterns for a Springfield 1911A1, a Walther model PP in .32 ACP or NAA .22 magnum grip panels? I have some scrap walnut planks that I think would make some really sharp looking grips but I am stationed in Japan and can’t get any of my grips to trace.

    I have never made this kind of thing before so I don’t expect them to come out great but I think it would be a cool touch to my pistols when I get back home in a couple months.
  2. goat roper

    goat roper G&G Evangelist

    Oct 20, 2010
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    I can't help with the patterns, but I can tell you how I made my grip panel inserts for my Ruger GP100's. First, I made aluminum templates with holes where the mounting screw goes, and one other in what would be a thick area of the grip. In that second hole I threaded and installed a short screw to stabilize the wood, and keep it from rotating on the template. I cut a thin wood blank in a band saw to be close to the final size and shape of the grip. Then, I drilled a hole in the blank for the mounting screw to go through. After drilling a shallow hole in the blank for the second, partial screw, I screwed the blank to the template. I used a router with a small flush bit in a router table to cut the blank to the size of the template. Yes, I ruined a couple of blanks. You have to be very slow and careful to keep them from flying across the garage or just splitting. Watch your fingers! After I removed it from the template, I shaped the blank contour with a small sanding drum on a tool I have, which is on a flexible shaft. A Dremel would be similar. Sand and finish. Simple! Good luck!

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