pit rapeist shot by vic.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by colt45, Oct 14, 2002.

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    Ok, I don't have all the details on this maybe someone in the pittsburg area can shed more light on this .
    this is what I was told.
    My girlfriend moved to pitt back i9n march and she called to tell me of a serial rapeist (7 in all I think) anyway his last attempted vic was a female security gaurd and she pluged him twice in the chest. hes been in the hospital for about a week now and they officialy charged him today.
    wish I had all the dope on this but this is all she had. been keeping her inside for the last week or so. I'm still trying to talk her into packing ( lost cause I think but I'm not givin up)
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    Thumbs up for Vic!

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    she also told me that in a press conferance that the police chief said "she exercised her leagle right to carry a firearm and defend herself" sure can tell this guy isn't from NY, or it would have been we are investigating any charges that may be placed against the vic. and what the perps layers can sue her for.
    hay I may move to pitt too.
  4. Good for her.

    I would suggest she spend just a little more time at the range to improve her kill percentage, though.
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    my thoughts allso. told the girlfriend that too, she was content with him being shot, didn't think of all the tax money we now have to spend to treat, try and suport his worthless hide.
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    Sounds like the 9mm strikes again...One the up side when he gets to the big house he will get to be the woman...And that is pay back and a half...
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    I'm a little less eager to deny that I live there. Maybe it's not as bad as I feared. I've been to Pitt lately, and late at night, and would definitely pack if I had the chance. It'll be interesting to see how cooperative they are when I do get my permit and piece.
    Actually, I grew up blocks from Pitt.

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    Battlerifle, too cool of an avatar,I'm jealous dude!
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    She's no victim - she's a defender! Bravo! I'd like her to have aimed a bit lower, though . . . :p
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    Thanks NRAJOE. Made the avatar myself from available pictures.
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    Justice...reagardless of any outcome....
  12. Calvin

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    Good point, 1*. My sentiment exactly.
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    only if she blew it clean off my feind.
    short of that make it a kill shot.
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    If she wasn't out to kill she should have aimed a little farther south!! I just wish I lived in a FREE country , where I was allowed to defend myself. Here in Canada I'd be locked up for attempted murder, and good luck owning a pistol up here anyway.