Places to shoot "Legally" In Washington

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    Hey I really need to find a non range place to shoot. I know nothing of where the hunting grounds or legal places to shoot are. I live in Seattle,Wa and Obviously cannot just go outside and buck off a few(would be fun though). So I would enjoy some suggestions from my fellow Washingtonians (I know your out there) on where to go. The closest range to me Is Kenmore in Bothell and they wont let me shoot my surplus ammo. That being said you now know why I would like to find a non range place to fire my beloved Mosin Nagant . Any point in the right direction (literally) would be much appreciated!
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    Thanks for the list. Its ranges but more to work with than I had so I'll check em out..........Ya know Im pretty disappointed that NOONE from Wa Chimed in on this one .Anyway....... Thanks again
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    Well I don't think you'd want to make a trip down sough. Capitol Forest has an area open to the public to shoot. Been there once, I never want to go back. Beer and guns aren't a good mix. I go to a place not far from where I live on occasion, and then have a friend's house where they have ranges set up at 100 and 200 yds. So that works for me for sure anytime. I can't recommend anything up north, never hardly go up there!

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    Well it's been almost 10 yrs since I lived in WA so I dont want to steer you in the wrong direction with outdated info, but when I lived in Seattle I used to do a lot of informal shooting out by North Bend. I have a feeling what was the semi-boonies back then is probaly suburbia now, but there were quite a few places that were legal & safe to shoot out that way back then. I would actualy give the sheriff dept a call and ask for some guidence, more likely than not they are shooters / hunters and will help you out ( well maybe not King County SD).

    Curious about the no mil-surp ammo at the range in kenmore. Here in So-Cal a lot of ranges will not let you shoot steel core due to the chance of starting a forrest fire since it is so dry here most of the year, does not seem like that would be the issue up there.
  6. The no mil surp thing is to cover their butt for idiots that bring penetraters and tracers to the range. Some of the ranges in VA Beach have the same rules because of people shooting through the back of the range and fires started with tracers.
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    Well I told him specifically that they were Silvertipped and non silvertipped 148 gr Steelcore FMJ are those penetraters cause I honestly have no idea. They were just cheap so I bought them
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    hey sober good to see another washingtonian lol im from the E town i know its ghetto up here, well actually lake stevens lol but anyway i head east if i want to shoot outside somewhere, there was a great spot off sultan basin road but they closed that down cuz they neighbors were bit**ing... the place i go now is called marble mt i believe, a buddy of mine has some property that is a mile or two away from the shooting spot, and ive been able to shoot everything from my ak all tho way to my 300 winchester.. the next time we decide to go out there (probably in the next 2 weeks, we go often) ill actually pay attention and get the directions for you so you can enjoy a spot where no one bothers you at all lol
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    Get's only been about a hour between the OP's post and your post. I do believe people are still at work earning some bucks to pay for their next bullet pusher.
    Patience is virtue.
    Kenmore's concern is the steel core bullets possibly causing a wild fire, there's alot of wooded area around them. The lumber groups banned shooting on their property because shooters were trashing the areas and shooting up their equipment.
    From Seattle you'd have to drive a ways to find a decent shooting spot on the other side of the Cascades...even then you may find resistance.
    If you are associated with the military or have a military friend, you could try range 15 on Ft Lewis. That range is open on week-ends for recreational shooting. I've used steel core surplus there with no problems. I lived in WA for 20 years. I suffered the same dilemma until I discovered range 15.
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    yea it sucks that you have to turn shooting into an over night stay somewhere jus to shoot without being bothered, i was at the WAC gun show about 2 weeks ago and i was talking to a couple guys and they said that the group they were associated with is trying to get a shooting park built somehwere near sultan but it is being met with resistance from the bitching neighbors
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    Man what a bunch of Babies like the faint sound of pop is really going to bother them during the middle of the day. Its not like it being asked to be built in the middle of Seattle where yah I could see a problem with that.
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    Are places out by Wilkison that you can shoot at. Myself and my group along with other gun groups did a clean up out that way. Great area
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    Is it possible to ge a nearby address or to be a little more specific cause I dont know the south all that well.I know its somewhere in Pierce County right?
  14. paul bunyon in puyallup has a 600 yard range but you have to be a member (about $80 a year) and a NRA member to shoot there. if you want take a scenic drive travel over stevens pass. as you start down the east side go about 7miles and turn right on dirt road at the nordic center go about 2 miles and theres a nice place to shoot out to about 250 yards with a mountain as a backstop, but it's a long drive and sometimes people are camping there
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    South of Enumclaw which is south east of Seattle. It is an old coal town. Should be able to find it on google. I will get the directions for you and the state road that you can drive on to get to the shooting area.
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    Maybe I don't want to move up here if I can't just drive down the road to do a little shooting. I was talking with a state employee and he said the zoning where he lives is such that if you have 5 acres or more you can legally shoot on your property. I am going out with him when he sights in his muzzle loader.
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    yea thats it if you can move out somehwere in snohomish monroe and further out if u have a decent size piece of property you can easily shoot on it, my uncles both shoot on their property one has about 5 acres in snohomish and the neighbors are cool enough to even let us use part of their property if we want to go longer ranges, but if you happen to have shitty neighbors then its no dice... but for us closer to the city it becomes a little more difficult unless you know somebody, like i said the best spot i go to now is marble mt, i apologize for not having directions by now but i haven't spoken with my buddy in a couple of weeks, but i will and any WA resident that wants it can have the directions
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    There is still some public land in Snohomish County (north and east of Monroe) where you can shoot. (According to state law you can shoot on any unincorporated county owned public land that is not posted as no shooting allowed.) If you contact the Snohomish County Sheriff's office in Monroe they will tell you (show you on their map) some areas where you won't get hassled.
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  19. If you stop and think about it, a small game hunting license, (page 62), will allow you to hunt for Coyotes all year around, on DNR land GMU's, just north of a chicken or turkey farm, cattle or sheep ranch. Sight in your rifle scope, and hunt with your surplus ammo too. Find out the Ranchers name and ask to hunt his land for varmints. A gravel pit owner may grant permission too.
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    I lived on 5 acres in the Monroe - Snohomish area from 84 to 99.

    By 99 the neighbors complained about every shot.
    So I found 100 acres of clear cut and got permission from the owner.
    A cop who lived near by showed up and charged me with reckless endangerment, because his wife did not like the noise. The district attorney dropped the case against me.

    But by then, I had had enough.


    These days, I drive 900 miles and shoot 600 yards with the road as my range.

    I put a target on a hill and shoot prone with a bipod and 6 ounce rear bag attached to the sling.