Plans to burn Korans

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    The news story about a group, maybe a church, planning to burn copies of the Koran, I think on 9/11, is probably going to generate some coverage. An army spokesperson has already said the act will likely mean some increase in attacks on U.S. troops in various areas.

    This is kind of the flip side of the building a mosque in NYC, I think, except the book burners can't even pretend their action will have some redeeming social value. They absolutely have the right to burn the books in this country, but I think it's kind of stupid since they're obviously just doing to annoy people.

    What do you think?
  2. Sure they have the right to but it seems shameful in my mind to do so, no real reason for it beyond sending a message or thumping of chests that will create no good.

    We arn't at war with an entire religion, why send the message that we are. Back lash will be massive in any case.

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    Even back through history book burning has accomplished nothing but to deprive people of information and create bad feelings.
    Irish, I respectfully disagree that we are not at war with the entire region. Being at war with Al Queda and Muslim Terrorists which are a part of Islam makes us at war with the whole of Islam.
    That aside, anyone contemplating doing something that might cause the injury or death of even one American Veteran should rethink their plan and not do it.
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    i think burning the book is silly but the fallout over just the threat of burning the Koran shows that we are at war with the entire religion. the news showed Muslims burning flags protesting treating us solders and citizens.i wonder what would happen if we ran a plane into one of there buildings

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    for people that really dont seem to care who or how they offend others they sure seem to offend easy.
  6. Anyone remember what the last regime was that made book burnings famous?

    Anyway, the so called "Army spokesman" happens to be the supreme NATO commander in Afghanistan General David Petraeus who says this act could directly result in the deaths of our servicemen over there. If this idiot pastor Jones isn't worried about a little payback from the father or family member of a soldier who is killed in any direct retaliation for this qur'an burning he's dumber than he is dangerous.
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    This idiot pastor is no better than the cretins he's trying to **** off. The best thing that could happen is if no news outlet bothered to cover it. A book-burning that no one went to would be the perfect event.

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    Burning books to make an impact on terrorism is the same concept as enacting gun control to reduce crime. A futile gesture at best.
  9. Rave

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    So much for "the hearts and minds.":tapedshut:
  10. waterdog

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    While I don"t agree with burning anybody 's (book of god) or books in general, I have seen a people willing to defend the rights of Muslims and their beliefs, with their lives, in Kuwait, Africa (fill in the blank ) or Bosina those were Americans and other Freedom defenders dying for Human rights in a far away land , and the"re still the bad guys, go figure .I"m sure the people whom at the time of crisis weither natural or man made cared at the time of their rescue to which name their Defenders called god , yet with a full mouth, dry, safe bed,better education, safe water, fill in the blank. We"re still the bad guys. try explaining this to anybody of free mind .
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    I think we should burn a big pile of dead terrorists instead...
  12. They burn and destroy the Christian bible all the time....In fact, it is illegal to own them in some Arabic countries....

    Just another example on how short fused and intolerant Muslames are...

    Burn, baby burn......
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    I am torn on this issue . The human side of me says eye for an eye tooth for a tooth . But the spiritual side of me says that you will never make any headway acting in this manner . As a christian man IE :(Infadel and **** proud of it) I guess all I can do is pray for this congregation and hope they see that the future is already been written in gods word the winners have been predetermined . So they must ask themselves What would Jesus do . Jesus does not call us to arms to destroy these people he calls us to save their souls and lead them to him . I really don't understand this war at all . The bible tells us ( the young lion ) not to take up the cause of these people . They have been fighting since the dawn of time and nothing we do will change that . I fully support our troops as americans soldiers but I do not condon the actions of their leaders . And I do not respect those that lead our men to a unwarrented death .
  14. blueice thinks America should be as religiously intolerant as the countries he describes? How bout a good old fashioned theocracy right here at home, we could be ruled by pastors instead of clerics like this Jones fellow who's burning the other guys bibles.
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    America is not at war with the Muslim Religion. There are a couple Million Muslim Americans. American does not mean Christian. Americans have the Freedom of religion as stated by the constitution. So this whole koran burning this is just some desperate atempt by Christians to lash out at the Muslims and its stupid because both live in and defend this country. Every Religion has its extremists and to judge an entire religion cause of the actions of certain EXTREMEST groups is just stupid. I think these book burners are also extremists of another sort cause what they are doing has absolutely NO positive effect and is only meant to hurt people. Its all very deliberate and that just pisses me off. There is a Reason church and state are separated in this country and I think this is a prime example of why. I wish god would make an Appearance and just slap the hell out of both sides cause our religions are NOT all that different and to war over just shows how we really haven't matured as a race.I mean really if you think about how retarted is this . "My god is greater than your god even though its the same god with different prophets so hey lets kill each other for no reason" I mean come on what does burning Holy Books prove, NOTHING. I think there is a special place reserved in hell for just this kind stupid behavior. Instead of doing something that provokes why don't they do something to try and make peace.
  16. Tac, how is allowing someone to burn a book intolerant??

    BTW, as a Christian, I am NOT offend if someone burns a bible or pees on it....

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    I can see this getting out of control quickly.....
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    Tolerance? how many churches you see in MECCA? If your so tolerant walk their streets as a Christ---- HELL ANYTHING OTHER THAN A MUSLEM, and you best pick the right faction, or you guessed it "off with your head, or stone'nd " and not like you were in Highschool .
  19. waterdog

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    Some left Europe, Asia to seek it , some left Africa in bondage to have it cast upon them ,some left the middleeast to gain it and they've all fallen white, black, yellow and brown to defend it : Freedom ,sorry you don"t get to pick as to were and to whom it applies as it applies to all and for all, agree or not it"s as simple as that.
  20. If we ever find/or found another source of fuel other then oil, this topic would mean nothing, the middle east would return to a camel pasture and these people would worship any way they wanted. But please don't burn the Koran, I do not want an American serviceman to die for this.