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Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by Jeep Thing, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Jeep Thing

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    In .270 win. I had 5 Winchester brass, 5 Winchester plated and 5 Remington brass.
    All 1x fired range brass. These 5 plated were just in with the bunch, usely I have just brass on hand. All got possessed the same and fired through my .270 bolt action.
    After firing I found the brass in each brand needed to be trimmed as expected but the plated cases didn't budge, not at all, JUST the same length as I trimmed them to before loading. How come ? Obviously I don't load plated, will plated always behave that way ?
  2. samuel

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    I don't like plated but they stretch like any other case,except they always seemed harder or something.Possibly they,nah,they have to stretch if you FLR them.With moderate loads maybe they didn't stretch much but they will if FLR,d. ,,,sam.

  3. I don't like using plated brass have actually had Grindell re-manufactured ( company located in Ohio ) ammo that the plating was flaking off of, and this was before shooting it. This was 40 S&W ammo we used to qualify with in the police academy in Marion, Ohio.