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    So I was doing a little Redhawk shooting today, trying it out at 100 yards for a change from the usual 50 of my home range. I was shooting 240 grain Hornady XTPs over 24 grains of H110 and adjusted the sights so I was about 1/2" high at 50 yards off a front rest. I was pleased to find that the groups were pretty much right on at 100 yards. Bigger, but nicely centered and definitely good enough for Whitetails. I think I have a new hunting load. I need to run some over the Chrony, but the manuals put it at about 1325 to 1350 fps at the muzzle, which should be plenty of punch for any deer up to 200 lb or so. Anything bigger than that around here is pretty uncommon.
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    Reminds me of when I had a Ruger Superblackhawk with a 10 5/8" barrel and a scope.

    Only way I could shoot it to 100 yards with my bad eyes. But I think my loads were 240 grain soft points using some amount of 2400.

  3. I'm shooting W296 and 240gr HNDY XTP's out of my T\C Contender getting about 2 1\2 inches at 100 yrds.
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    At least you remembered about the gun.My how the years fly by. (just kidding) ,,,sam.
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    I run a similar load(23.5gr of H110/W296) thru my PC629, .44 Marlin lever and 77/44 carbine. It has proven to be the most accurate load for me outta all three. Nosler and Remington 240 gr bulk bullets are almost as accurate and cost less, so those are what I use the most for practice and play.