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    ''Am I proud to have served my country? Hardly''
    Printed on Monday, September 02, 2002 @ 20:38:02 EDT ( )

    By Krystal Kyer Guest Columnist (United States)

    ( – In 1992, at the tender age of seventeen, I signed up for the Navy after I finished high school. At sixteen, ABC News had inundated me with incandescent scud missiles streaking the night sky over Baghdad - an image akin to 4th of July celebratory fireworks. I believed in the modern, sterile, bloodless war. It was a war to protect the freedom and democracy of the people of Kuwait, and hence the rest of the free world, or so I was told.

    I believed. I even wrote a poem about my duty to serve my country. And so I served. Upon completing boot camp, I was given the National Defense Service Medal. It was awarded to all active duty military personnel who served during the Desert Storm war, which didn't end two months after we invaded Iraq, by the way. It hasn't ended yet.

    Nearly four years I served, and in that time, questions were corralled in my head - tethered like camels, if you will, to a pole. But after I got out, those camels broke free. I went to one of the more progressive public colleges, and got a degree, two actually. I learned about war, capitalism, and corporate media's interests. I began to write.

    Finally, the camels jumped out of the corral in my head and began spitting everywhere. They were angry. My questioning was no longer confined to my partner, friends, my classmates and myself. September 11, for me, was the straw that broke one camel's back and sent the rest stampeding.

    I went public with my views, like I am doing today, and I won't stop. I turned off the TV for the last time. I've heard and seen enough of what corporations have to offer us - what they want us to hear and think. It was time to stop listening to the lies and start paying attention to the real world, not the artificial, false world of TV land.

    I became critical. Overly critical? Impossible. My motto is Marx's - "ruthless criticism of everything existing." If we are going to make the world a little better, then we should leave no stone unturned (a favorite phrase of Bush Jr., who is perhaps the opposite of Marx). We must examine things, even things that appear good to us, because the way things are for you and me might be great, but what about someone else who isn't the same as us?

    Once I stopped believing everything my parents, teachers, shipmates, and TV were telling me, my eyes and ears quickly recognized the twisting of words into lies. I know now that Bush Sr.'s war in Iraq a decade ago was about control of oil - the fuel of our 20th century economy. I know how that fact masquerades itself behind powerful, unquestionable words like national defense. After all, anyone opposing national defense must be either mentally ill, a terrorist, or a traitor. Now I commonly refer to my medal as the Oil Defense Service Medal. (Yes, I kept it.)

    As the anniversary of America's tragic day fast approaches, I contemplate how I will commemorate and honor the innocent victims of September 11, 2001, although I knew none of them. I hear Bush is calling it Patriot Day. I wonder what this means for those of us not seeking the escalation of violence through war as a solution to terrorism. Are we unpatriotic? Are we supporting terrorists, like Ashcroft claims? That's for each of us to decide, the public need not be told what is and isn't patriotic. We can think for ourselves. Of course, the media and White House probably disagree with us. We need to show them otherwise.

    After much thought, I've found my own way to pay tribute to all the victims of terrorism: On September 11, I will awaken at dawn. I will retrieve all my variously colored medals from their little box in my dresser drawer. I'll put my robe on, go into my daughter's room and tell her I love her. I will unlock the deadbolt (my homeland security), and proceed out the front door, remove the lid to the trashcan, and throw my medals in the garbage, where they belong.

    I will reject war, once and for all, since war is just state-sanctioned terrorism on a mass scale. I have no qualms about performing this solemn ceremony. Materially, I will destroy my last bits of military souvenirs. Mentally, I will remember those lost to all forms of terror, and I will walk a path of peace. I've already rejected what I've been taught about what is patriotic, what is our (their) national interest, and how I should behave in times of war. Now is the time to take positive action to reduce the level of violence, if for no one else, then for the countless unnamed families around the world who have lost loved ones to violence; for the 2 billion children who are growing up in a culture of violence and hate fueled by U.S. corporate interests and their disregard for life.

    What action could show more respect, honor and love for the millions of victims of violence than to break the cycle of violence that we call war and national defense by living non-violently?

    What action could show more disrespect, ignorance, and fear than advocating war as solution to terrorism and a route to peace?

    An eye for an eye is the president's motto. U.S. violence in Afghanistan, by most reports, has murdered more civilians there than died from the September 11 attacks here. Yet that's not enough. Now we must stop the "imminent threat" that Iraq poses to us, again. Somehow, I don't think that elevating the U.S. attacks on Iraq to full-scale war is about national security. The justifications are irrelevant. What matters is that more innocent people will die.

    I am a veteran, and I oppose violence in all forms. I'm not proud to have served my country (or more precisely corporate America), I'm embarrassed. Embarrassed and ashamed. But I've learned from my mistakes. Others have too. My hope is that we come together on September 11 to remember our losses, to reject a culture of violence and militarism, and to create a lasting movement for justice and peace for all.

    [Krystal Kyer, 27, is a member of the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace (OMJP), a grassroots anti-war organization. She has a master's degree in environmental studies, is a freelance writer, and lives in the United States.]

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    what does one expect from an avowed Marxist??? i am willing to bet the alledged service is a fraud!!!

  3. Lenny2

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    notice she doesnt complain about the military paying for her college.
  4. Oxford

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    The la la land of academia has brainwashed her

    Krystal Kyer probably has good intentions but just needs to take an extended vacation from working on "environmental studies". That's a sign she's not in the same world as me.

    Now I believe in being a good steward of the environment, and living responsible for the sake of future generations, but somebody's got to look out for this generation, too. Trees are not relgious symbols, are not symbols of my personal faith, and are not something that cannot be replanted.

    I believe that the attention she's gotten from her military honors and two college degrees has gone to her head. She now thinks the world gives a **** about what she says.

    Furthermore, she should re-think her intention of trashing the National Defense Service Medal. That's an honor she should be proud of...not one that should be used to get attention for her newfound misdirected sense of saving America.

    The la la land of academia has brainwashed her from appreciating the advantages of living in the USA. I'd be willing to send her a one-way ticket to someplace like Afghanistan for an extended vacation.

    Krystal is absolutely right, though, in that oil & other economic interests are the true motives for a lot of our wars.

    Oxford :nod: :fuss:
  5. Lenny2

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    I think Saudia Arabia would be shall we say... "educational".
  6. Pin those medals on and THEN throw them away.
  7. Mick

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    We have a saying over here regarding people who are not the full quid, Kangaroos lose in the top paddock, I guess camels are sort of the same thing. I couldn't read all of that, to much filler and not enough meat you could say.
  8. Lenny2

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    I sent her an email asking if she used the GI Bill. She said that she did use it. I am now asking her is she advocates violence for the defense of her and her family.
  9. Personally

    I think she may have been gassed when in Kuwait........:eek:
  10. She stopped watching TV, that's a good thing, but she started listening to public radio I bet. She's fallen to the subversion of the environmental movement which is now the safe haven for Marxist and yes communist. Ever seen a report from the 60's titled, " Communist goals"?
    Back in the 50's the Boy Scout of America official magazine had an article of the how and whycaptured American servicemen were brain-washed during the Korean War. Of the captured US soldiers the ones who had strong relegious back-ground and knowlegdable and understood of the founding of the United States of America, these young men of moral and character could not be co-orsted (sp)or brain-washed by the Communist.
    One more reason women should not serve in the military. ( in certain capacities)
    Please give me her credit card numbers and I will bankrupt her with my compassion for our fellow human beings.
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  11. oneastrix

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    Thank you Lenny. The first thing that went through my mind as I read was, "I bet she got her two degrees on the Montgomery system." Heck chic, give 'em back!
  12. jerry

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    National Security

    When the first US President, George Washington, left office in 1796. He consouled future US leaders about foreign and national security policy for the nation. His advice:
    (1) " Observe good faith and justice toward all nations" cultivating peace and harmony with all.
    (2) Avoid political connections with foreign nations, as well as participation in permanent alliences.
    (3) Maintain "a respectable defense posture"
    (4) Resort to temporary alliences for "extrordianry emergencies" only.
    While many Americans today may wish that the nation could return to such an isolationist posture, that era is gone. Modern communications, transportation, long range weaponry, and internationa economic interdependence preclude withdrawl from the rest of the it or not. The United States must be involved.

    This woman is a perfect example of the liberal educational system in place today. I'm sure some of you younger guys & gals going to school today can attest?
  13. Calvin

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    She must be sleeping with either Richard Gere or Danny Glover....
  14. Big Dog

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    Another victim of the Left-wing Liberal Education System. And she had no qualms using the GI Bill for that "education". Can a full PETA membership be far behind? She is entitled to her opinion, and we can rest assured the gun-grabbling Democrats have gained another voter.
    I wonder if she'll use Veteran's Preference on her job applications? :mad:
  15. dhermesc

    dhermesc G&G Evangelist

    I am always suspicious of people who say college opened their eyes to the world around them. It shows a very sheltered life that was blissfully ignorant the first 18 or 20 years. The real brain washing took place while attending the "progressive" university. A truly intellegent person would have already formed some opinions before college rather then allow some proffessional student form their ideas for them.
  16. Lenny2

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    She did not reply to my question regarding the use of violence in defense of her family. ...typical...