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    Ok placed my order for a Cobray 9mm so thats off the check list...I seen one of these Cetme at the gun show and rember shooting a G3 when I trained with the Kenyan Light Rifle Regament in Mombassa .... but that was a long time ago. In any case the Cetme caught my attention and Im considering it as my next rifle. What can I expect interms of accuricy.. and problems such as jams...finding parts ect. SOG has them for $369.00 is that a good price? Can you mount a scope on them fairly easy? Any input would be appricated...thank you.:target:
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    CETMEs work very much like the G3s, and I think they'll take the same scope mounts. However, the parts are not interchangeable (except mags) and not all the CETMEs are on the same specs. My recommendation is to pay a little more and get a G3 from . The ones with the thick aluminum receiver have the scope mount machined into the receiver, so you'll easily save the price of a scope mount and get a firmer base. Plus, they'll take most G3/HK-91 parts and accessories, while the few that the CETME will take require substantial modification. The only justification I can see to buying a CETME over the G3 is if you REALLY want a wood stock. Me, if I wanted a wood stock, I'd buy a G3 and custom make it to a much higher standard of quality that the CETMEs.
    Since mounting a scope is something you have in mind, I'd say definitely go with the G3.
    As far as accuracy goes, I've been shooting for barely over a year, have had my G3 less than a year, shoot it on average once a month, only a couple times on a benchrest with a scope, and have gotten a little over 1" at 120yds with Winchester Match on a windy day. Best I've heard about CETMEs is 1.5-2", but maybe those were iron sites and less than match ammo. NATO ball gives me 4".

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    The G3 is a little more than I want to pay..Im just kicking the Cemte around as an option to add to my will be used for plinking and stuff like that. My debate is more of the RPK/AK vs Cemte for my next rifle. Ill probly go with SOG as I have had exalent luck with them in all my dealings in terms of Mosans and Mausers. Ive shoot a G3 and was useing that as a point of refrences .. it impressed me interms of durability and how it handled the African conditions...
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    Hope you're shopping at the right places, has G3s for $395 last I saw. The $40 more than SOG's CETME more than makes up for the cost of a scope mount ($50-200). I'll also check out the RPK you're looking at and see if it's what I think it is...
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    By the way, this board on the old forum used to be full of CETME complaints. Never heard a G3 complaint, but if you did have one, they'd be easier to fix with more common parts.
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    Here are what I think are the main questions:
    How important is magazine capacity?
    How important is accuracy, and how much do you need?
    How important is sustained fire and what is your idea of sustained fire?
    How important is the effective range?
    How important is penetration, including of hard materials?
    Do you mind if it is the loudest thing around that sends a shockwave everywhere?

    BTW, have you considered a FAL/L1A1? SOG has them competitively priced with FAC's G3s. Parts are much more common and usually more affordable than G3 or AK.
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    Seen them and they look ok..dont know much about them...Im basicly looking for something that is a plinker..but could also be a S hits the fan rifle. 20 Rounds is good..especialy 308...100-200 yards is about all I can practice with at my local range...more intrested in relaibility than anything else..
    thank you for the will be a few months till I get wifee poo to part with $ no big rush..
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    Hey BattleRifleG3,
    I am seriously thinking on buying CETME, but I have also heard of problems with them. Mainly with qulity control. What else have you heard about them?

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    Did a web search keep reading about some problem with the recievers Stamped/welded verse the original milled versions and parts not interchangeing with HK G3...also some arguments back and forth about the Quality of the ones built by Century...some old imports were good some new ones are not or so the arguements go...Read some things about the wood being beat up on most...can imagin that since they are on the C&R list that that would be one gives a definitive answer on ANY boards Ive visited...or articals that were NOT sponsered by an inporter.
    My concern is that some rifles like the Mosans or pistols like the Markov have an almost cult like following and the Cetme has almost no you thing Markovs are juck and you get tared and feathered... FOR ME And ME ONLY..Im moveing it down on my list to plinker status....and will PROBABLY get an AK-47 first as I realized that I do not have a true S-hits the fan rifle...I would like 6+ mags and stuff to go with it of course... My Mosans are good but not what Id want to go aginst firearms with a rapid rate of fire with..same with the SKS...hard to reload quickly...Let me know what you find out..might change my mind...but like I said the LACK of + responses and followers of the Cemte scares me...
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    Here's a thought for a SHTF rifle... You might want to consider:
    1.) The kind of battlefield each gun is best for.
    2.) Your level of skill and a gun to match it.
    3.) The ammo that would be most likely available in such emergency.
    4.) The kind of gun that would give you a tactical advantage over others.

    What I've considered is this:
    1.) The North American continent is distinguished by the presence of thick trees. They can provide cover for both you and the enemy... maybe. Depends on who can punch through. A full power rifle will penetrate more than twice, maybe even three times as much wood as a 7.62x39mm. I assume 223 is not high on your list, and I agree for many different reasons. Rifles in .308 are usually more accurate than the AK series. 4moa is the worst such a rifle would give you. Mine gets 1.25moa with no practice and on a windy day. Probably gets at most 1moa on its own.
    2.) 308 is used by US and other NATO armies, even the Chinese Dragunovs. It is also highly available through commercial sources. There's also plenty of surplus coming frrom countries that switched to 223 in recent years. So in any scenario, .308 would be available. 7.62x39mm is quite popular among american civilian shooters, but is not used my the US military except by a few specific groups. It would be a fine choice for a Y2K scenario, where it's everyone for himself and there would be plenty of it in the hands of civilians, but at this point I think we should seriously consider military sources a priority. The only situations where that ammo would be used are if a country that uses that ammo invades us. But most of the countries that use it are in no shape to invade us, as the Russians have switched to the 5.45x39mm (and .223) and the Chinese have adopted their own cartridge in the same family of small projectile, high velocity bullets. Not to say that neither Russia nor China would use 7.62x39mm rifles in an invasion, but that they're not as common as we might like to think. I've come to the conclusion that if we can get our hands on their ammo, we would likely pick up guns to go with it. Thus I see that as a secondary cartridge to have and use. I got an AK magged SKS primarily for recreational purposes, but if the SHTF, I'll have a rifle that is more comfortable to use, more accurate, designed for a shooter my size (not an impoverished communist peasant), and that I've practiced with. I practice with AKs as much as I can so if I need to use one some day, I can pick it up. That's the reason 223 is last priority for me... If I need one in battle, there'll be plenty to go around.

    As far as HK vs AK, here are a few final opinions:
    Both are very durable. People talk about AKs taking dirt and everything and still working, well HKs do too. They just usually cost so much more that people wouldn't think of dirtying them. And if you're thinking about the impression on the wife and neighbors, HK generally represents more of a special forces and police weapon, while AK represents communists, movie villains, etc. Not that I give a rip, but it's something to think about. On the other hand, women for some reason tend to prefer guns in 7.62x39mm, if they're not predisposed against them. The lower recoil and muzzle blast is probably why, but also their smaller frame better matches the soldiers those weapons were designed for. I'm not saying that they're not both great rifles and very good, each in their own way. I just have an opinion of which is better suited to people like us.

    You know what? I think I'll say more about what I think of possible scenarios in the gun room...
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    I just looked at your location... Come to think about it, the AK wouldn't be such a bad idea after all, considering the kind of plant life and proximity to Cuba. Also, if you're thinking of domestic problems like crime, an AK is still accurate enough to hit your everyday mobster before he's in pistol range. Sorry for my rambling, I hope it helps you or someone here. Good luck finding a good rifle.
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    Here are some numbers, in case they help:

    G3 from FAC : $395 dealer cost
    20rd HK mags: $10-20 each at gun show ( has the best online prices)
    Scope mount is included, aluminum receiver has a weaver rail. Maybe $10 for rings.

    SAR-1 AK-47: $300 dealer cost
    30rd Romanian mags: 4 for $25 at
    Scope mount that replaces receiver cover (not my preference, not very tight) $20 from
    Scope mount that attaches to side rail (my preference) will likely cost more.

    1000rds of Portugese Ammo from : $140
    1000rds of Wolf 7.62x39mm from same place: $80

    Muzzle velocity of 7.62x39mm in AK: 700m/s
    Muzzle velocity of 7.62x51mm NATO: 838m/s

    Kinetic energy of 7.62x39mm: 2000 Joules
    Kinetic energy of 7.62x51mm: 3687 Joules

    Ballistic coefficient (higher numbers mean higher penetration and less wind resistance):
    7.62x39mm: 0.256
    7.62x51mm: 0.418
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    I already have an AK and it's fun to shoot. It can also be a weapon for serious work. But I perfer the power of the .308. I do have a Garand and the only real fault i have with it is the 8 shot clips.

    I started looking @ the CETME because of it's origional reputation. However, I keep seeing mixed comments on the ones made by Century. I have seen 3 "in the flesh" and they looked beautiful. You have me convinced to spend the extra $ on the G3. One thing I do like about the G3 is parts interchangeability along with the current abundance of cheap mags.
    You are right about ammo availability, 30-06 & .308 would be much easier to get a hold of commercially than 7.62x39mm or 5.45mm

    Thanks for your insight.
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    I have also been thinking about the CETME or a G3 . If I fine a known good CETME ( lots of people had trouble with the Century guns , a while back ) or a G3 at a price I can live with ......

    As far as a FAL , I have a Century FrankenFAL . I bought it known good , from a friend . Shoots fine .

    I would only buy a FAL with an Imbel or DSA ( expensive ) receiver .

    As with all gus that Century assembles keep your eyes open when buying . Some are good , some are not .

    God Bless