Please Tell Us Again How Armed Guards Are Not Worth It!

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Ten Man, May 16, 2018.

  1. Rambo

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    No one says armed guards are not worth it, or even police officers like many schools already have. People are having reservations about arming teachers. Not too hard to follow.

  2. blaster

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    nobody is forcing teachers to be armed. if I were a teacher and was a "gun guy" with a CCW permit who knew I had the mindset to deal with an active shooter, I would want to have the OPTION of being armed. nobody wants Miss Crabtree who is afraid of guns to be armed at school. that would really be an unsafe situation.
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  3. Rambo

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    trump touted arming teachers as did the NRA.
  4. neophyte

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    information and puzzlement: I personally know many teachers; knowing none whom
    carry or CC. Many would be a disaster (personal opinion).
    Inasmuch; teaching and training; wouldn't change my opinion. Our 8hour CC program does very little to train/teach.
    We do have some ex-GI's (contradicting myself) whom; have GI training

    Because we have a firearm; practiced; practical minded; doesn't make us totally equipped.

    Just imagine (go to any gun range) someone buys for the first time, handling, shooting; personally; I cringe.

    Carrying is a tremdous responsibility. Not to be taken lightly under any circumstance.
    Actually; a burden if we are thoughtful.
    Requiring much practiced/practical understanding.

    NC Castle Doctrine.
    Defense of Self or Others

    The Castle Doctrine (2013) alters the rules of self-defense and defense of others.

    • It provides a person using non-deadly force with immunity from civil and criminal liability if the person using it reasonably believes it’s necessary for defense against imminent unlawful force.

    • It says a person can use deadly force without first retreating if the person reasonably believes it’s necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or another person or under circumstances permitted under the state’s revised Castle Doctrine.

    • It says a person using non-deadly or deadly force in accordance with the new law is protected from civil or criminal liability unless he used it against a law enforcement officer lawfully performing his duties and the officer identified himself as required or the person using force knew or should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer lawfully performing his duties.

    • Defensive force isn’t justified for people committing or escaping after committing a felony or who provokes the use of force.

    • The Castle Doctrine says a person attempting to commit, committing, or escaping after the commission of a felony isn’t justified in using defensive force.

    • The Castle Doctrine states a person provoking the use of force against himself is justified in using defensive force if he believes he is in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm and has no reasonable way to escape. It says this person is also justified in using defensive force if he clearly indicates he wants to withdraw from physical contact and the other person continues use of force.
  5. Rambo

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    Not even a security guard but an actual police officer. Cops do matter.
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  6. gandog56

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    Just tell me the student shooter was not black, which would have caused another s**tstorm of why did the cop have to shoot him? He was a GOOD boy!
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  7. The good point of having teachers armed is that students don't have to know which one is armed or not. Not all teachers should or would be armed. That is not the point. If I were to go shoot up a school (and IM not going to) I would take out the armed guard first then I would have free reign to shoot up the rest of the school. If some teachers were armed as well that would not be the case. Or do you disagree with this? And if you do disagree then what is your answer to the problem of Gun Free Kill Zones?
    Personally I would want a few armed persons protecting my kids in school. Anything else is just madness. And again I feel that anyplace that is a "Gun Free Zone" should be REQUIRED to provide armed guards. As in a law stating that.
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  8. mitchr

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    I think "proper training" would be the key. Like neophyte, our CCW class didn't "train" for defense. It basically covered the rules & penalties. They did have a live fire test to see if you knew what end of the pistol the bullet came out of.

    I also feel that every "gun free" zone should have armed protection, but especially should have metal detectors, ones that really work. The business that dictates no guns, but has no way to prevent concealed weapons does not want my business.
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  9. Rave

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    I dunno but I personally think that political correctness has had a bad effect on all that we try to do to protect our students,think about that. :(
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  10. mdj696

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    Miss Crabtree Blaster? Now your really telling your age with the Little Rascals. Got a bank silent alarm one day at a shopping center, Myself and another officer responded. Bank had mirror glass on outside and you couldn't see inside. I took one side of the bank with carbines and he took the other. Bank phoned PD advising a false alarm. They raised hell on how we approached the bank. If I had a nickle for every bank false alarm I went to I'd be a rich man today. One bank chain had a rule that if a teller set of a false alarm they would get reprimanded. 2nd false alarm they would get suspended. 3rd false alarm they got fired. When you got an alarm at one of their banks it called for a different approach. One day I was driving down the road and got a bank alarm at a bank that was to my left. As I pulled into parking lot, teller came out stating it was an armed robbery and described both perps. It took five minutes for the call to reach me. Someone got in trouble for that one. Another bank we would get alarms at 3.00 am. You could set your watch to it. One would park at bank waiting for alarm to go off.
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  11. blaster

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    while I was/am a fan "the Little Rascals", I actually did have a teacher in high school named Miss Crabtree!! she was a tall grey haired old spinster lady with NO sense of humor. she taught Civics and thought the U.N. was the best thing ever.
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  12. Rave

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    Heck,my wife has a sister-in-law who's married name is Crabtree,in fact her ex was assistant D.A.
    in Knoxville,Tn.! :usa:;)
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  13. Rambo

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    Seems even armed resource officers cannot prevent school shootings time and time again. This recent Texas school shooting had armed personnel on duty and yet 10 people were killed, others wounded.
  14. I don' understand why it seems to be so easy to get firearms into the schools in the first place.
    Where is the access control?
  15. Rave

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    Hmmm,that is a good question? :confused: