Plotters in USS Cole Bombing Are Freed

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 4, 2008.

  1. Marine1

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  2. Seabeescotty

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    A little lesson there, don't trust any of 'em. I'm sure to catch he!! over that little statement, but it's the way I feel.

  3. Windwalker

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    I am surprised they held them 8 years. We have to stomp our own snakes.

  4. True, because snakes won't stomp snakes.
    That's the way I feel.
  5. Mad Hatter

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    We should have had them in our jails on death row !
  6. the CIA should find those little sh**s and put them in guantanamo. Just like you guys said, you can't trust any of those snakes!
  7. Brother Bob

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    Find them and put a bullet through their head. It cheaper on the tax-payers.
  8. TXplt

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    +1 !

    It would be not only justice but also a message to others if these terrorists would wind up (somehow...) conspiciously dead.
  9. I was on active duty when the Cole was hit, I recall my mother begging me to leave the service so "they" couldn't get to me. She relented when I told her that is exactly what these cowards wanted us to do retreat into our little bubbles and not trouble them no more until they were ready to dispose of us. The cowards that bombed the Cole need to be executed summarily and NOW.
  10. DWFan

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    Un-freeeeking-real. And they want us to believe we're winning the war on terrorism?
  11. Yemen, friends of Cheney, Guialini and various other criminals. Birds of a feather flock together.
  12. KGunner

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    Forget about finding them and putting them in Gitmo. Thats expensive. Find them and put a FMJ through their heads.
  13. Rambo

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    Do what the Israelis do. Hunt them, kill them and don't say a word. Evidently, we have no real Allies in the middle east besides Israel.
  14. lorcin25

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    Why are they still alive at all?
  15. I'm with Brother Bob on this.

    These jackbags only truly understand force, not people like Carter... which is why Iran ran all over him while he was President and aren't taking him seriously even now.

    Why pay for them to sit in Gitmo when we should just execute them just as they did to our sailors? 19 more USAF personnel were murdered with a VBIED in Saudi Arabia... and all that remains is vengeance for those murdered...

    The USS Cole and the Khobar Towers attacks are two of a kind... no justice was leveled.

    It is time for these clowns to meet Allah and the 72 male virgins waiting for them....
  16. hahaha! you guys are right, what was I thinking trying to get them into gitmo and having to pay for them. shoot them in the heads and hang carter for treason!
  17. Pred

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    What would the CIA want with Al-CIAda....?
  18. ... to hopefully use them as fertilizer.
  19. rondog

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    Yeah, what's that secret team the Israelis have? We need some of those to TCOB. I know we have 'em, but our goobermint is too scared of "offending" somebody to use 'em. At least the Israelis have the balls to do so, and blow up the enemies nuke plants too.