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    Mini Personal Survival Kit (carried on person) Qty. Survival Equipment or Supplies Rating

    - Polished case serves as improvised signal mirror. Polished aluminum tape applied to interior of lid, protected by peel-away sheet. Mediocre

    2 Razorknife Blades Good
    1 Spark-Lite Firestarter Flint Excellent
    5 Spark-Lite "Fire Tab" Tinders (squeezed one more in for final packing) Excellent
    4 Windproof/Waterproof NATO Lifeboat Matches and Striker Strip Excellent
    1 "Premium" BCB Wire Survival Saw Good
    1 Fishing Kit in plastic vial: 13 asst. hooks, 6 swivels, 5 split shot Excellent
    50 ft. 20 lb. Fishing Line Excellent
    1 Extra Large Hook (use as gaff) Excellent
    20 ft. Brass Snare Wire Adequate
    1 Fishing Knot Information sheet Excellent
    1 White narrow-angle Photon Micro-Light II Excellent
    11 in. Teflon Tube (for water seeps) Excellent
    1 Brunton 15MM Button Compass Good

    6 Vicodin ES Tabs* (pain killer, prescription required) vacuum packed Excellent
    6 Zithromax Caps* (antibiotic, prescription req'd) vacuum packed Excellent
    1 Drug Information Sheet Excellent
    .6 cc Potassium Permanganate Crystals in plastic vial Good

    25 Potable-Aqua Iodine Water Disinfectant Tabs in glass vial* Excellent
    2 Condoms (Penrith Survival Equipment)* (for water storage and treatment) Good

    9 ft. 550# Mil Spec. Parachute Cord wrapped around kit Excellent
    2.5 ft. 3M Scotch "Super 33+" Electrical Tape (wrapped around kit to seal it) Excellent
    10 ft. Twisted Nylon Line Good
    16 in. Duct Tape Excellent
    10 ft. H.D. Poly/Cotton Sewing Thread Excellent
    2 Sewing Needles, 1 large, 1 medium Excellent
    1 Heavy Duty Sewing Awl Excellent
    7 Safety Pins, 2 each #1, #2 and 3 ea. of #3 Excellent
    5 sq. ft. H.D. Aluminum Foil Excellent
    1 Thin Pencil (unsharpened) Excellent
    2 "Rite in the Rain" paper, 2 x 3 in. sheets Excellent

    1 Two Piece Tinned Steel Container (tobacco tin stripped of paint, polished and clear coated), 3 3/4" x 2 5/16" x 15/16" Excellent
    * Limited useful life. All medications and many medical supplies also have a limited useful life. Keep track of expiration dates and replace as required.
    Weight = 5.9 ounces