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Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by Brandhard, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Brandhard

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    Does anyone make a poleless tent, that's not one of those contraptions that has inflatable tubes to hold it up?
    I'm thinking of something with a lenth of about 8 feet, about 3 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet tall. It would be long enough to put an assault pack at your head or feet to keep it dry, enough space to roll over, and that's about it. It would be staked at the 4 corners, and be supported by 550 cord or the like strung between trees, or other field expedient methods.

    If such a thing existed would any of you guys buy it? Or do you already have one, and I've just never heard of it?
  2. I need mine about 9' long....4.5' wide and 2.5' high lol
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  3. winston64

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    Ogre sized!
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    I used a basic two man pup tent for years without the poles, just replaced the poles with waxed hemp cord. I ran the cordage thru the eyelets, staked it out and pulled it tight between two trees. With this method the cordage needs to be sealed, or you could get water incursion thru wicking, found this out the hard way.
  5. Huey Rider

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    I remember quite awhile back, seeing adds for a "tube tent" that was pretty much a tent that was contained in a tube-type container. Might be close to what you're thinking of. Can't remember the cost, materials, etc.
  6. Huey Rider

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    Check Wally World's web sight and search tube tent. They have a few starting at $24.95. I can't get the link to copy/paste.
  7. Big Dog

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    I have a small one-man 'bivy tent' about that size. A few comments:
    1) You do NOT want the tent material to contact you body at all. In the cold, it will conduct the cold to you. In the rain it will wick the water in to you. In the summer, mosquitos can bite you through the tent fabric.
    2) You need something a bit larger for comfort. I am a Big Guy and the size you mention would have me feeling like a 'wiener in a blanket'. Also if it's raining out, you won't want to come out, but it'll get mighty uncomfortable not being able to sit.
    3) Not much support. A heavy rain or snow would collapse it.

    I'd stick with a two or three man dome tent.
  8. A hammock is way to go....buy a good hammock to sleep in, a el cheapo walmart hammock to hang Under your sleep hammock...to store gear in.....and a guyline Above sleep hammock to spread a tarp.
  9. Brandhard

    Brandhard G&G Evangelist

    I already have a quality 4 man tent, I was just thinking about an alternative survival kit type shelter. I haven't used a hammock, though my brother has, and after his experience, I don't think I'm going to give it a shot.
  10. My survival shelter is

    (1) 8'x10' camo tarp
    (2) about 75' of 550 cord
    (3) space blanket
    (4) 55gallon drum liner

    It weighs almost nothing, and is a tiny package. If need be it'll keep me alive.....its not deluxe but its viable ;)

    I've spent more nights outside with a tarp then I have in a tent or RV.....if its nice weather I just use it for a groundcloth, if its wet out I use it as a "tent".

    If I intend on camping I take a GI pad and a sleeping bag also....but that's too big to carry in "just in case" pack.
  11. bobvonb

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    I think this is Thrillbilly's air inflatable, don't let him kid you.
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  12. PaleHawkDown

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    A buddy of mine bought a tent that had a thin wire frame. The whole thing folded up onto a big oval, and when he wanted to set it up, he just threw it on the ground, tugged a little bit, and it popped into shape. It still had to be staked down. It was a backpackers tent with a weird name, and I can't remember the name because we called it the "throw-up" all weekend.
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  13. animalspooker

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    This is all you ever need! They're really nice!!!

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  14. 870shooter1

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    Last time I slept in something called throw up it was from drinking WAY too much! Lol!

    Been near 40 years!
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  15. PaleHawkDown

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    Last time I slept in a tent was for pretty much the same reason. ;)

    I slept in the bed of a truck under a truck topper listening to the rain patter on the roof while my buddy slept in the "throw-up" on the trip I was talking about earlier. That was the trip he realized A.) He hadn't staked it down, B.) he had rolled over in his sleep and somehow taken the tent with him and C.) now the rain flap, that had been on the side, was a sun roof that was now leaking on his face.
  16. Ron Eagle Elk

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    Looks like my set up from Viet Nam, except it's way too high off the ground. Had to be able to roll out of the hammock and be behind cover. Didn't want that poncho too high to give away your position either. Out away from battalion, we just slept on the ground under a poncho liner. We got wet, but we were warm.
  17. When my dad got out of Army...he swore 8 years was enough sleeping outside....this is closest he gets to "camping"

    (It is pole free though)

  18. animalspooker

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    He's right. I don't see any poles! Looks warm too.
  19. He don't understand why I call it "the Hershel rig"....

    Electric and/or propane....with a generator. He doesn't believe in roughing it.