Police bodycam video of George Floyd's arrest...

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    K75RT: Sir; perspective! He’s claustrophobic!
    As disturbing as it seems. The second side always brings perspective

    I couldn’t be an officer

  2. neo,
    What gets me is that the video had to be leaked....by a British paper....while the US has cities that are burning and this couldn't have been released by the MSM?! perhaps to quell some of the violence...the democRat run media are complicit as are leadership in the democRat machine..this was done for a reason...
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    K75RT: Sir; totality agree. Obvious manipulation by officials

    (my response was chopped?)
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    Maniac? That man is clearly a martyr! Someone we can only hope our children grow up to be like.
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    If I was a cop, how would I believe someone was claustrophobic when they were just taken from the drivers' side compartment of a car with the windows rolled up ? Really erratic behavior on Floyd's part but just starting from the beginning of the tape it does appear the approaching officer was a bit of a d!ck. Then again, we know nothing of what happened prior to the tape being turned on. But (at least from the tape--if it's really the tape) Floyd's behavior seems really incoherent to me and I'd be suspect.

    It'd be nice to hear from an LE's perspective.
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    From the start of the video police are simply telling him to put his hands on the wheel. He does not even listen. Then they tell him over and over to do it. Anyone in their right mind would listen when you have officers there with weapons aimed at you. All he is doing is the Drama act which personally pisses me off when I see this. Then they tell him hands on head several more times. He puts them on for a brief second and same thing. He is moving all over and talking and saying dont shoot me. Looks like he is purposely doing that and not really worried about getting shot. Its like it was practiced. I would be very pissed and nervous if I were one of those cops also. I have not gotten pulled over while driving for many years. When I did I stayed motionless and put my hands on the door so the officers can see them. Then when they approach ask them why you were pulled over and such. Not the frickin drama.
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    At the beginning of the video when Floyd was already agitated (acting like he knows he did something wrong and he just got caught). The cop tells him to show him his hands by putting them on the steering wheel.

    Every cop has seen enough body cam videos or been there themselves when you're in that exact same spot as the officer at the start of this video and you can see the driver's left hand but not his right because he keeps dipping it down to his right side down by his right hip/center console area... which is a place where people with weapons (knives/guns/improvised weapons like screw drivers etc) commonly conceal their weapons... like tucked down between the seat and center console... or by sitting on it and concealing it under their leg...

    and then they grab it and come up with that weapon and try to shoot/stab you in the face. Ive never been assaulted that way yet personally but I have found PLENTY of guns/knives/weapons in that same location.

    The other issue is clearly Floyd was agitated when he was approached and as TXPlt the old school fighter pilot trainer could probably relate too, This guy's "OODA Loop" (sort of an older term and if you dont know what that is, you can google it but its an acronym for your brains decision making process under stress) just got interrupted...

    The way he was acting upon initial contact... I can guarantee you Floyd was in the fight or flight decision making process. and by flight I mean, throwing his car in drive and taking off. Which is another reason why when the cops see Floyd put his left hand up but he keeps moving his right hand down (where the gear shifter is) that's another potential pre flight indicator.

    So the goal from the officer's perspective is to prevent either being attacked when Floyd's right hand comes up and out with a weapon... or he uses that hand to slam the car in gear and flee.

    So hands up... and get him out of the car would have been the priorities.

    Two weeks ago I had almost exactly a similar similar situation... suspect in car... two officers go up to drivers side to get suspect out... suspect wont come out... rolls up window and locks door and throws car in reverse and tried to take off and suspect drove backwards right into my police vehicle that was stopped about 20 feet behind it... suspect car gets stuck... and we ended up having to smash the window out to get the driver out...

    Once he's out of the car and the officer is trying to handcuff him Floyd is tensing his arms up. (when the officer is telling him "stop resisting")

    the whole stiff arm/muscle tensing is another potential pre flight/attack indicator that the suspect is about to try to break away from you to flee on foot or dive back in the car or fight you.

    btw when I talk about "pre flight/attack indicators" its always with the caveat that one of these things by themselves may or may not mean anything but when you have several and they all start to add up and compound like here... it all goes to the perspective of the totality of the circumstances... that something is probably going to go down.

    Floyd crying and making a big scene "Dont shoot me! Wahhhh!" Really? Look at this guy he's a big muscly guy. Most likely playing for the crowd. Also keep in mind that it appears that Floyd was not by himself and was with a group of at least two other people (possible other suspects to worry about if they all just made the purchases in the store with the fake money).

    They end up walking Floyd over to the transport vehicle with the cage in it and they have to search him first before putting him inside and again hes doing all the muscle tensing and trying to pull away and the one officer tells him to lean up against the car.

    He keep shouting "Im not resisting man!" while he clearly is...

    He refuses to get into the car saying he's claustrophobic... even though he was just in his own car...

    The cops try to be nice and they say they will put the windows down for him.. he's still resisting and wont go in the car... then he starts with the "Ive got the Covid!" BS...:rolleyes:

    He kicks his way out of the car and then we end up where hes at...


    If anything this helps the cops case regarding all the "The cops are racist!" BS.
    :rolleyes: not to mention a whole lot of other BS from the Black Lies Matter and the libtard media.
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    Not to poo-poo on the officer, and maybe this is more of a Yankee thing, but the guy had the personality and the de-escalation skills of an autistic reptile.

    I've done a pile of ride-alongs, covered police beat for years - mostly in small towns, mind you, and spent a lot of time in rough neighborhoods where watching an arrest was common.

    Maybe 90% of the time the officers around here start off with the Andy Taylor routine; a polite, but firm version of "everything is as good as it can be under the circumstances, and this can go easy for both of us if you just cooperate."

    I have seen hardened thugs drugged out of their gourds who became all, "yes sir, I understand sir" when faced with this type of approach.

    One of the best I've watched was a giant tweaker being arrested, and he was crying and acting erratic - like Floyd. Two officers responded - the one I was riding with was on the way to pick up lunch for the guys in holding.

    The officer said, "We're doing broasted chicken for lunch today, if you cooperate and get in Officer ____'s car, and don't cause any trouble, I'll make sure you get some peach cobbler." The tweaker's whole demeanor changed and he got into the cop car like a dog going to the park.

    Another good one was from our school SRO. He knew that the kid he was arresting WANTED to be arrested, and wanted to make a good show of resisting for street cred. He caught the kid's arm and pinned it, and whispered that he would call his grandma instead of arresting him if he wanted to cause trouble. The kid was getting arrested either way, but I saw that grandma trick work several more times in one form or another, and it was particularly effective because he was known to follow through with the threat. Hard to look like a hardened thug while crying and being chased by a big momma.

    In the Floyd case, clearly the officers were not being racist. Clearly Floyd was acting crazy. Both facts prove that all the subsequent rioting had nothing to do with the facts.

    What also seems clear, though, is that this officer did not have the ability to change tactics when he could see Floyd becoming ever more agitated. A good officer should have a mental tool kit, and know what tools to use for a situation.
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    Having the chance I would have tazed his sorry butt and then loaded him in to the car !:usa2:;):cool:
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