Police brutality

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    Ok New topic; Chris dust off your BANNED button and get ready to intervene!

    I am sure you all have seen the video of the young black male being slammed onto a patrol car while in cuffs, and then being punched. So what is your take on this?

    Personally I believe once they have you subdued (in cuffs and under control) then whatever force they use is unnecessary and displinary action should ensue. Granted I did not see the entire tape, but what I saw did not warrant the actions of the police.

    Does anyone know what the kid did, or supposedly did to cause him to be arrested?

    Kudos to the family for not shouting racism, but I am sure it will be yelled by someone soon.
  2. as i live here in Los Angeles this hits kinda close to home for me, i was here for the '92 riots, all the big earthquakes for the past 20 years, ect.... and it's been my experience (especially in inglewood, were this occured) that these criminals very rarely respect the police unless it's LAPD or LA county sherriffs, the local departments seem to be jokes in their respective neighborhoods.
    As for what brought this on, i've heard from most of the news outlets here was he assualted one of the officers in the tape if you look close you can see one of 'em has a cut on his face.
    Also whe they have people in cuffs, they can still struggle and injure an officer, just some thing to think about.

  3. Pha,

    From what I saw so far no mention was made as to what he allegedly had done.

    From what I witnessed on the news video, quite obviously the cop was totally wrong and deserves any discipline he receives and charges he might have to defend.

    It always sickens me to see one of the 'finest' that doesn't deserve his title or the trust of the citizens.

    It is also the likes of him that people remember most and memories foster impressions.

    Whether cops want to admit it or not, it's the actions such as this Inglewood cop that forces cops throughout the US to defend themselves in the public opinion forums.

    Of course, some bleeding heart Attorney will try and get him off but I say, "Throw the man a rope...the one with the anchor attached. Yeah...that one!"
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    He was arrested for assulting an officer I belive...like you I belive once they are in cuffs that the game is over and also that yes crooks do stupid things and act up but police and corrections officers ar also the ones in charge and are sapose to show restraint and professionalism....I understand the adrinalin rush and the stress (I worked in corrections and also as a child abuse invetigator I chased some people through the "hood" so I could take their children and put them into foster care).... still their can be no excuse for beating a suspect once he/she is in cuffs (not may good ones in any situation actualy) I also wounder how many go unreported...lets face it crook vs cop word of a beating would generaly fall on deaf ears.
    I am a strong believer in the cop car video camars and believe that they should be madatory....
  5. Dale I agree you--would think if LEO is going to do this, they would do it away from video cameras. Generally I would give the cops more credit, but not in this case. If I am wrong then show me something.
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    Here's one of "Your Finest" responding.....

    We don't know the whole story. In general once a prisoner is subdued, you shouldn't use force against him.......

    But back to the real world of police work... It's quite common for a prisoner to continue to fight after he is 'cuffed. Heck, it happens every shift that I work.

    Thank you 8mm Vigilante for helping me out. Now Dale, we both bleed blue, but I don't see Ito I with you; you know as well as I do that we have seen incidents where the whole tape was not shown.

    The news clip is very short, as the media wants it to be seen. WE ALL KNOW THAT. If the cop messed up, then he'll face the music. He lives by the same Civil Rights statutes that I do, regardless of state (we call the 1984's).

    A prisoner needs be handled reasonably and prudently while in hand-cuffs. No doubt about it. A man can still kill or cause serious bodily injury or death to you dispite the fact that he is "hooked up."

    Not defending the cop, just don't know the whole story. Let it unvail and quit basing opinions off of your local news. They are the quickest to burn a cop. Case in point... Tomorrow I will work at the Salvation Army on duty to help with the disaster relief in Texas. It's all over the news.... But God forbid I have to use lethal force against somebody to protect myself. That same media won't be my freind anymore.
  7. One,

    I agree that there can always be more to a situation than meets the eye but I clearly saw the Officer strike the individual in the face, after slamming him on the car and after he was in cuffs.

    That, in my book is a no no.

    Whether he knew it was being taped is irrelevant to me. If, IF, you're gonna do something you don't do it with three or four more cops as witnesses there.

    Not only do you jeapardize their reputation you have now put them in a cross-fire where they either lie (and get fired) or they have to stand up and point you out as the bad guy.

    As the old saying goes, four people can keep a secret if three are dead.
  8. Yes sir-- The news admitted they didn't have the whole show on video. I apologiize if I jumped to conclusions.
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    My favorite cops are the ones in Internal Affairs...There are an awful lot of cops like the ones in Training Day. Look at Miami, New Orleans, New York, LA & Atlanta.
    Do you know what they call a cop in a 3 piece suit...The Defendant.
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    Ok,some of you won't like this. I was a corrections Officer,I NEVER mistreated a person that was cuffed,no need to. These Officers are showing a lack of self-discipline. Get used to it people,we are turning into a Police State and it's going to get worse. I know there are some very good LEO's,but,if even one is bad,it's too many.
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    I just saw this video, this is very disturbing...those cops had a person in cuffs....they hit him in the face after slamming him against the car.

    This sickens me as I could be in thisposition or anyone I know could be :(
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    Ill agree the bad cops make the job of the good ones tuffer. In my home town Cocoa FL..the police chief and a few officers were busted by the FBI for racatering....running a gabaling ring out of the police station (like video of $25,000 bets being taken at the police station lobby window) that was 8 or so years ago and even now the city can not get good cops or new cops to join...fear of getting a bad name...so we get cops with DUI's and such that make the news fairly frequently. (trust me the news has no problems reporting on their criminal/driveing record).
    Like wise Orlando just had a Major busted fro running drugs to/from Maimi in a police car.
    Now prossacutorers make a big deal about the police officers "record" and get a lot of people off. A few weeks ago the Sheriff's Office Busted a prostatution "ring" running out of a "Men's Club" accross the street from the police department.....the press loved it and could not resist showing the police department accross the street.

    The point is Now the city can not recruit good officers....the defense attornies get bad guys to walk becasue the proccsacuter knows a Jury will get hung up on the police reputation....Crime goes up, citizens lose respect for the Police and the system fails.

    In this case it is made worse by the press....whole video or not....the story is beign brodcast around the WORLD and the actions of a few...in the heat of the moment....cast a large dark shadow on the Good officers who are out their trying to make a diffrence.

    Consider that this board would be easly lumped as conservative..pro law enforecment...right wing types
    When the conservitives even cry foul we can rest assured that the liberals....pro criminal side is haveing a feild day with this.

    Ilkewise Attornies are proply wineing and dinning this family....the lawsuits are probly all ready filed.....this $$$$ that is paid out comes from somewere....city/county budgets...Insurances rates get jacked up to the ozon and in the end we all pay the price...
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    I have now seen more of the footage than I had when I posted last night. I clearly saw the officer punch the kid in the face. Did not like what I saw, not that I liked it last night either. I would still like to know the whole story. This hasn't got as much press coverage due to the fact that I am in South TX; and all the news talks about right now are the floods.
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    I can understand wanting to smack the snot out of someone - I want to almost every day. But I'm not a LEO. Those men should know better whether there is a camera or not.

    It's a job they go after, they are not drafted. If someone wants to be a LEO then play by the rules - playing by the rules differentiates LEO's from the criminals.
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    They are held to a higher standard...whether they like it or not.
    What's up with the shooting record ? emptying high capacity sidearms in the general direction of the perpetrator and getting in a lucky shot (spray & pray) Popping off sixteen caps and hitting maybe four times if they are lucky ?. What about this garbage of K-9s (dogs) being cops in the eyes of a court ! Don't get me started on all the wrongful deaths (murders if you ask me) brought about by cops...Like the DEA or ATF agent that stepped on a baby's head and killing it...
  16. Character--that is the question--right. The type of character you show when nobody is looking. That's what counts. Oops guessed they failed.
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    Whatever happened before the cuffs were put on is irrelevant. What happened before the camera started rolling is irrelevant. If after the cuffs are put on a detainee spits, gag them. If they kick, shackle them. A real man, especially one that is supposed to be a police professional, never strikes, torments, or shoots any other living creature that is not able to fight back or run away. Period. The officer in the video was clearly out of control. The officers that were attempting to pull him away from the young man apparently thought so too. It is just this type of incident that gives the whole police profession a black eye. Civilian police officers are held to a higher standard than the rest of the civilian population because of the extra privileges and descretion that they are granted. Training is the key. It will take a while for this to blow over and be forgotten. He will be luck if he only loses his job and commission. The fact that this is not the first complaint of this type against that particular officer will certainly not be advantageous to his case.:target:
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    The huevos incident occured after the cuffs were on AND the camera was running.
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    there is an old chinese proverb,,," things are not always as they appear."
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    The officer claims that the kid squeezed his nuts. If you watch the video, his facial expressions make it a compelling statement on the officer's behalf. What would you do if someone squeezed your nuts? I would have shot him...but thats just me...