Police gun policy?

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    I saw a segment the other day about what police have to do with confiscated firearms. I know that destroying them keeps them out of the hands of potential criminals, but it seems like a big waste. I saw in the lot of guns to be put into the furnace, some Colt 1911s, a few Thompson M1928 SMG, a Mauser 98k and a lot of other historical military arms et al. Wouldn't it be a good way for police precincts to get money to sell some of these great guns to responsible, licensed gun owners (a.k.a. us)? What do you fellas think?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yes that would be a good idea but it will never happen.Many big cities with afro-americans being in the majority have liberal police chiefs that would feel better to see them crushed. Kind of a feel good publicity moment that really doesn't mean anything.

  3. Years ago the police dept. used to have auctions and sold off all the guns and other stuff that was confiscated. They had to stop selling the guns because of public pressure. I agree with Joe. It isnt going to happen.
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    shear waste!!! and you know any that were stolen weren't returned to the rightful owner either. KY law says all confiscated weapons are to be sold after their no longer needed for evidence.:mad:
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    Unfourtunately, the day that auctioning happens will be the day that the government or at least the ultra-liberals actually WANT/doesn't mind us having guns!

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    Don't hold your breath!:mad:
  7. You know collin you are very literate for a young teenager. Are you sure you didn't miss post your age? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Papa G, you are correct on Kentucky law. I had some guns stolen about 5 years ago when I lived in Richmond. Two of the 12 were found, but I could not get them back because they had to be held for evidence. Afterwards, they were sold without the state notifying me they were released. Their response was "Oops. Sorry about that".
    In Ohio, if you use a gun to defend yourself, you are going to have a hard time getting it back, even if a Grand Jury said the shooting was justified. Most end up as a paperweight.
    NRAJoe, they had another "buy-back" here this past weekend. I heard they were supposed to have one up your way real soon, too. I'm just waiting to see how many they got this time. I'm sure I'll sleep better tonight. :nod:

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Most of the time they are some junk crap that has been sitting in a closet or someone getting rid of a murder gun.
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    I used to buy junk guns for $40 and sell them at "gun buy backs" for $50
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    Collin, I'm a cop in Tx, the same state you post that you live in. When you refer to "licensed gun owner" what are you refering to? You don't have to have a license to buy a gun in TX. We're about the most gun friendly state out there, bud. The only gun license we have is the Concealed Carry License. As you should know, this is a "shall issue" state. You pass the course and background check, pay the fee, we'll let ya conceal a handgun in public.

    When you stated "licensed gun owner" you actually rule me out. I'm not a "licensed gun owner." I have a comission to carry one on duty, and to carry anyway I want off duty, but I don't have a license. Nor did I when I was a civillian gun owner.

    I agree with your post, it would be one heck of an idea, but what law enforcement dept wants that liability. It's already been proven that great ones such as Colt can be sued despite their precautions....
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    I didn't state any specific states in the post. I know that Texas is gun friendly, thank God (all I need to buy a mauser is a driver's license and the age of 18). I used "licensed gunowner" to imply responsibility among gun enthusiasts, since I don't know what other states require among gun owners. Oneastrix, where do you hail from? My uncle is also a cop, and I am aware of Texas gun ownership laws, but not other states. Yes, Alan, I am well-spoken, thank you. I am a junior in highschool and I am enrolled in History, Physics, and English courses in the local college for transferable credits.
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    Yes, I, am sure of my age. :)
  14. Liability is the reason Arizona has no gun auction.
  15. Stewart

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    I don't believe it has anything to do with with liberal police chiefs wanting people to feel good, it has to do with liability. I am sure there would be a group of Monday morning quarterbacks just waiting to find out that a gun sold at a police auction was used to commit a crime.
  16. Ok collin -- fair enough. You and Mark 22 should get together on one of these threads. You both are interested in firearms and are about the same age.
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    Right on, Stewart!! I would also like the media to mention when a stolen gun was used in a crime, too. Bet that would shoot their "gun show loophole" theory out of the water.
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    Calvin - The INS and several other Federal Agencies have lost not only computers (laptop and desktop), but they have lost firearms, and more than one has been used in committing a crime, one was recovered by the LEO's investigating the crime. I do not remember where I read this, but it was front page news a couple of weeks ago.