Police Question White Van Owner Shot During Domestic Dispute

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    My wife and kids pointed out a few simalarities about the "sniper" and me...8yrs USMC, Van, Gun Colector, Access to firearms, White Male, Access to awhite truck (1 at work), emotional problem (my wife say I wine when I dont get a new gun)....I am so glad Ive been working 7 days a week in a high security area at the space center....cause otherwise I'd have to turn my self in for the reward $$$...course I dont own an AR-15...but Im sure the folks at ATF would "find" one for me :)

    Oct. 14 — Police are questioning a man shot during a domestic dispute in connection with the serial sniper attacks that have killed eight people and left two wounded in the Washington, D.C., area.

    Three investigators told ABCNEWS' John Miller that the man came to police officers' attention when they found him wounded Saturday night in his white Chevrolet Astro minivan. Authorities have been on the lookout for such a van, which eyewitnesses said sped away from the scene of a shooting Friday in Virginia that left a Philadelphia man dead.
    The man being questioned was shot by his girlfriend in an apparent domestic dispute, authorities said. He was treated at a Baltimore hospital.

    Police found police scanners and maps in the van, sources said. Investigators also obtained a search warrant for the man's Baltimore apartment and allegedly found a Marine Corps sniper's manual, police scanners and an arsenal of weapons that included an AR-15 and five handguns.

    Police test-fired the AR-15 but it didn't match the one used by the sniper. Police believe the suspect has another AR-15 that they have not found yet.

    The man, who was not identified, is a former eight-year veteran of the Marines with no criminal record, sources said. He works as deliveryman for Motorola. Baltimore police began questioning him this afternoon.

    Sources told ABCNEWS that investigators are also interested in at least three other potential suspects. All three have had emotional problems, have access to white trucks and are known for collecting firearms, the sources said.

    Police Report Progress, Little Else

    Under pressure from the worried public, police have been trying to find the sniper responsible for a series of shootings that have terrified residents of Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland since Oct. 2 . They have released images of a white panel truck, the kind used for deliveries, that witnesses say may have been linked to some of the shootings. They were also expected to release a composite photo of the white Astro van.

    Jittery residents braced themselves for another sniper attack today, even though there has not been an attack since Friday — the longest break by the sniper yet. Earlier today, police insisted they were making progress in the case but refused to share detailed information with the public.

    "I think the progress is going very well," said Montgomery County, Md., police Chief Charles Moose. "Certainly some of you may deem me an optimist."

    Moose said today that witnesses at several incidents reported seeing the white box truck that may be connected to the shooter.

    And they are also looking at surveillance videos. They interviewed at least one man who was near the site of the latest shooting, which occurred Friday at a gas station in Spotsylvania County, Va., about 50 miles south of Washington. The man told The Associated Press that detectives thought at first he was the shooter, after comparing him to a sandy-haired man who was seen on the tape.

    (Click here to receive major updates on the sniper shootings)

    Communities on Edge, a President Sickened

    Across the Washington area, there are signs life has changed. Drivers gassing up their cars have been seen crouching behind the pumps, or asking members of the Guardian Angels volunteer organization to fill the tank for them. One driver was even wearing a bulletproof vest.

    "I'm just doing what I feel is safe for me until they catch him," said Harrison Scurry, of Rockville, Md.

    Ten people have been shot, eight fatally, in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, since Oct. 2. (ABCNEWS.com/ Maps.com)

    High school football practice moved indoors, and tailgate parties for a Sunday Redskins game were held under the watchful eyes of police chaperones.

    "I'm more aware of our surroundings and, you know, we basically didn't want to park near the woods," said local resident Andy Keninitz.

    The sniper killings and the idea that people were living in fear revolted President Bush, who made his first on-air comment about the attacks.

    "I'm just sick — sick to my stomach — to think that there is a cold-blooded killer at home taking innocent life," Bush said. "The idea of moms taking their kids to school and sheltering them from a potential sniper attack is not the America that I know." Police have been flooded with tips from worried residents. Many of the tips have been false alarms, Moose said.

    "We also want to admit that people are edgy," he said. "People are hearing things."

    Tracking a Killer

    Investigators have noted a number of other patterns: the killer favors suburban gas stations; fires a single round; has not let two weekdays pass without opening fire again; and, judging from a tarot card found at one crime scene, appears to enjoy taunting police.

    According to sources close to the investigation, the Pentagon has been asked to search records for recently discharged GIs who have had sniper training.

    However, police are not commenting on the reports. Nor are they talking about a yellow piece of paper found at the scene of Friday's killing in Virginia. It reportedly contained scribbled directions from northern Maryland to the Capital Beltway, the highway that rings Washington, linking Maryland and Virginia.

    Police have released a composite image of a truck possibly linked to the attacks. (Don Wright/AP Photo)

    The release of the composite image and the timing of the sniper shootings has led to speculation that the sniper may be a contractor who has access to these white trucks through his job but is off weekends when he doesn't have access. One theory is he is shooting from inside the back of the truck.

    Some suspect the sniper chooses locations that offer a quick getaway. The last four shootings were all close to major highways and quick escape routes.

    Police have also used computer software to reconstruct the crime scenes and pinpoint the shooter's position. Originally designed for movies like Star Wars, the programs can line up the bullet trajectories.

    Authorities today offered an address for people to send in tips: P.O. Box 7875, Gaithersburg, MD 20898-7857. People who want to report information on the case can also call a tip line set up by police: 1-888-324-9800.

    So far, authorities say they have received more than 1,700 credible leads since the shootings began. The reward for any information leading to the arrest and indictment of the individual or individuals responsible for the shootings has now reached $500,000.

    Contributions to the reward can be sent to Montgomery County Reward Fund, Office of the County Executive, 101 Monroe St., Rockville, Md., 28050. Contributions also can be made by telephoning (240) 777-8970.

    ABCNEWS' John Miller in Maryland contributed to this report
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    Doglips,I'd be happy to turn you in and split the reward with ya.

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    Dude, they found a Marine Sniper manual in his apartment or what [email protected] I have a bunch of sniper craft in mine.....where's the crime? Only basing this on the news guys...I probabaly don't know the whole report....
  4. I dunno


    Actually, an ex GI gone bad is a better scenario than a loyal NRA "Bubba" mad at the world...........

    Let's let the story shake out and lets hope there are the likes of Dale and 1* involved in sorting out the truth, rather than a Columbine or Denver PD type group.......

    No matter who is doing the shooting guys, we are in for a longer uphill battle over the second amendment as the slime that would lie, bend truth and flat out break the law to defend Billy Boy in every scandal, just found a new favorite cause........

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    My wife and kids pointed out a few simalarities about the "sniper" and me...8yrs USMC, Van, Gun Colector, Access to firearms, White Male, Access to awhite truck (1 at work), emotional problem (my wife say I wine when I dont get a new gun)....I am so glad Ive been working 7 days a week in a high security area at the space center....cause otherwise I'd have to turn my self in for the reward $$$...course I dont own an AR-15...but Im sure the folks at ATF would "find" one for me.....{You evil, evil, gun nut you (a liberal wringing his wimpy little talons)}
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    Just kinda scary how almost anyone can fit a "general" discription....Im still hopeing this guy is a muslim...with a Rosie O tatoo and the firearm is one of the ones the FBI "Lost" ...the anti's would still blame us "gun nuts" of course.

    As for the sniper manual...sure lots of people read them...and other such books....I rember when McVaigh was caught they made a big deal about the turner diaries he had a copy off....Rock Music, Bugs Bunny, "Evil" books, cause people do do bad things....guess its time to outlaw everything...only goverment/peta/Sara Brady approved books, tv and music just to keep us safe from ourselves..