Police say a man wearing a turban

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    Quess its started.....By definition paranoid is an UNRESANBLE fear....haveing a justafied fear is called being prepared.

    Kenner, Louisiana-AP -- Police say a man wearing a turban and carrying a copy of the Quran (kor-AN') shot and wounded two people today at Louisiana's Louis Armstrong International Airport.

    The shooting occurred in the ticket lobby, away from the concourses where security screeners check for weapons.

    Police say two people were injured before the suspect was tackled by an airline employee and a passenger.

    Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee says the man later told investigators he fired because people in the airport had made fun of his headwear.

    The shotgun blast struck one woman, an airline customer, in the stomach. Lee says she is in guarded condition at Kenner Regional Medical Center. A Southwest Airlines employee was hit in the hand.

    Lee identified the suspect as 43-year-old Patrick Gott of Pensacola, Florida.

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    Why in the h*ll would you carry a shotgun to the airport? What a nut. I wonder what his intentions were. Was he going to board the plane? Alot of ?'s to answer here.

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    Hmm, the last airport I was in had signs on the doors saying "NO Firearms". It really sounds like this guy has issues and we are lucky he was subdued before he caused more problems and before the NG guys opened fire with the M-16's. At least two people didn't freeze and let themselves be victims. Now watch the airline employee get fired for stopping the attack.
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    Why would someone named Gott wear a turban? I guess he was lucky to be toting around a loaded shotgun in an airport so he could prove people wrong about him. :p
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    Yep, sounds like something bigger was in the works......

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