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    The link is not working for me!!!

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    Appears that there is no justice to be had in England.
  3. For those who can't get the link to work, a computer shop owner in England had taken a mannequin of Lara Croft home, complete with 'outsized pistols,' to put it up on ebay. He called police about some nuisance phone calls, and when the cops showed up they got a glimpse of Lara and thought she was a real person with real guns. So they called an armed team, which burst into the home and arrested the owner.

    All of that is understandable, so far. What's ridiculous is that instead of apologizing, they took the guy to jail and held him for 13 hours. He had to post bail for a 'suspected firearms offense,' and Lara Croft remains impounded as evidence.
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    Destroying young minds

    stalebiscuit: Sir; you shouldn't be looking at pictures like that:09::09:
    Good find. Seems to me that the "Police" may have a problem:bigeyes:
  5. this has to be a joke. I know its England... but still.
  6. With our police's record, I'm not at all surprised. Lucky they didn't shoot both the mannikin and the guy. They've done worse, like shooting a guy who was carrying a wooden table leg (thought it was a sawed off shotgun) and shot an unarmed electrician on his way to work on the tube train (7 rounds in the head, PB because they thought he was a terrorist and no one was prosecuted for it!!!!!!) Britain's armed Police have a terrible record and should not be trusted with firearms.

    On the other hand, our police do an excellent job of catching motorists who speed etc. Committ any crime you like and you'll probably get away with it but don't speed in the getaway car or else you'll get a ticket!
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    I seems in a country were firearms are banned they are very scared of them. Hmm interesting....

  8. Bit misleading statement...........Firearms are not banned merely legal ownership is strictly controlled. Semi-auto & pump action Full bore rifles are prohibited, large capacity shotguns are restricted as are hundguns with a barrel length of less than 12" and overall length of less than24"".

    Of course, the criminals don't seem to suffer from these restrictions or play by the rules!!

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    If the "bobbies" can't tell the difference between a manniquin and a "MAN" there is a problem with their police force.
  10. I'd say taking an armed team and bursting with no warning into a home where they believe someone to be armed is poor police work anyway. It's an invitation for getting someone dead, on one side or the other.

    Didn't anyone even think of calling the man first, or simply surrounding the house and telling him to come out, instead of cowboying it?

    I remember a Sheriff's deputy who borrowed my phone one time, back before cell phones were common. He'd been called out to investigate a man who rasing some kind of H***, and called a couple of neighbors first to see if they knew whether the guy owned a gun, and/or was waving one around. As he explained to me, "I don't want to get shot. And I don't want to be part of no suicide by deputy, either."
  11. better close you curtains when you guys clean your guns! lol!
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    Too bad it wasn't Angela Jolie in person and they keep her locked up. I can't stand those big, puffy lips. Ewww!
  13. i think shes butt ugly to actually

    and she cant act
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    I would'nt say butt ugly,but she's overrated.
  15. very much so
  16. Well guess you guys will have to see the movie Gia with Angelina running down and back in a hallway naked. You dont even notice any lips. And definately NOT butt ugly. Nice lookin Id say. And those big... well never mind. Now where did I leave that movie?
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    i think they outlawed all guns . because i have an old video from the nra or someone . they gave it to me when they was collecting all the guns and they showed them cutting all them nice over/under shotguns in half. not to mention regular single shot crack barrels too. the last i heard was the only place a "regular joe" can shoot a gun was to go to a fireing range and use one of theirs .

  18. Tommy, don't listen to all the BS you hear talked about shooting in the UK!................Re-read my post, that is the way it is at this moment in time. I am still domiciled in Scotland (UK), a firearms holder and member of a couple of rifle & pistol clubs.

    A "regular Joe" unfortunately cannot just walk in off the street and go to a fireing range/club and use one of the club's guns. It is much more restricted than that. If you really want to know all the rules etc. PM me!
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    I will have to go with Capt'n Coll on Angelina.