Police Trade In G22 Gen 2

Discussion in 'Glock' started by Jaison, Sep 21, 2020.

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    nice score!
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    You seem to be working very hard on discrediting what is and has been an extremely reliable, safe, and popular firearm (both amongst regular folks and experienced LE) these days.

    I got a bad round; that's it. When anyone decides to use reloads they are taking an additional risk in that the brass has been through a stress cycle already--and in some cases perhaps several (and Glocks ARE oversized somewhat with unsupported section which has the positive effect of enhancing reliability; it's a trade off--and the valid point made by Ten Man was that in the case of the G22--or 23 or 27 or whatever--that a reloader need be keenly aware of stress cycles on brass especially in oversized chambers or unsupported areas if one chooses to reload vs. stick with new brass or commercial new cartridges). Now, many of us DO reload--but in the cases where WE reload WE have direct control over what brass we use and which cartridges we reload and what guns we use them in. When we buy from a commercial source not so much. The ultimate fault in MY experience was mine in that I chose to accept this risk without realizing at the time what the actual risk was (with a contributing factor being a defective cartridge from a reload manufacturer; it just as easily could have been an overcharge). Now I know. So I only use new brass/cartridges which is what the manufacturer recommends anyway.

    Edit: FWIW, the backstory behind "Eldest Son" is very interesting and I thought it a brilliant plan. The severe overcharge (and explosive used) would have blown up any gun but it used the 'set a firecracker off behind the golfer on the first tee' concept (wrecking his game because he knows you have another one and has no idea when you're going to set it off). Using a brilliant psyops campaign to discredit the ammunition and negatively affect the BG's shooting (afraid THEY'D get a kaboom). So it wasn't so much the gun blowing up as it was the psychological effect of discrediting the ammo source.

    Which is why I don't use commercial reloads anymore in my .40s. It'd be (and has been) the same for new ammo (or a magazine) that a gun doesn't like and encounters reliability problems with. If it's training ammo that's fine and it's actually useful to encounter FTFs in a training environment. But the carry ammo and gun has to be bulletproof reliable--and a reasonable amount has to be run through the gun to check for this. Which my G23's have been with the Federal HST, Gold Dot 165's and Hornady Critical duty.
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    Another nice thing about Glocks is that you can easily get every part there is for them. Even 80% receivers.
    Kinda like an AR.

    Well...I say "easily" but that might not be accurate at this point. It was true prior to all the "Siege Repellent Preparations" made firearm related items more scarce and more expensive. But I think we will return to a more stable market.
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  4. I have made it my policy that when I reload .40SW I do not shoot them in the Glocks that I own, I only shoot new quality ammo in the Glock. I have a ton of .40SW reloads and brass and it tends to function 100% in my Beretta PX4, XD, FN...Jaison, there are 9mm barrels that are fully supported and that will drop into your G22 as well...You got a great deal on a Gen 2 and you decide what you want to do...I like the Gen 2 because it has no finger grooves...I put a 9mm ejector housing in it and aftermarket 9mm barrel and I use my existing G17 magazines...Great deal! You will be happy.
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    In all transparency, I got this thing on a whim. Had some experience with the Sig adaptability, but not Glock.

    I feel blessed to learn so much about this one pistol and the 40SW just out of a single post.
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    Jaison: Sir: it will serve you well :)
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    They are total junk! Send me $50 PayPal and I’ll send ya my FFL info to ship it.

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    Very gracious, sir. I certainly don’t deserve such kindness.:usa:
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