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  1. Logansdad

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    I've seen an awful lot of good buys out there, especially on .357 magnum revolvers. I've seen Smith & Wesson 686, 66, 65 and 67 models for way less than 3 bills. I saw a Smith 669 (12+1 9mm) for 3 bills plus tax. Gun Tests tried a Colt Trooper, Smith & Wesson 66 and a Ruger Security Six and liked every single one. I think that these are an outstanding choice for personal & home defense.
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    If you're talking about buying police trade ins of these models, be wary. Inspect carefully, being a cop I know how poorly most cops treat their weapons, especially when they are department owned.

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    Yeah, I definitely recommend a good going over. I check out the forcing cone, crane, barrel & cylinder gap. If any of the screws are buggered up it's a sign of the beginning kitchen table gunsmith. Most of these have been carried alot and shot probably just enough to qualify (cops swap out sidearms more often now than in the past... so probably less than a thousand rounds). Just be careful.
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    should I order one ? K Y Imports has S&W model 65 .357 magnum with 4 inch barrel for $220 plus tax and handling and shipping :target:add another sawbuck for hand select
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    Buying a police traid in is like buying a used car that used to be rental; they are simply abused guns. Unless it was a colectable, and only bought as a conversation peice.
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    I ordered a new J Frame with the money anyway.. :target:
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    Good luck I hope it works out for you. Maby it will be a sups weapon.
  8. Logansdad

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    New New New Arizona dude :p
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    I bought a mod 66 from Kieslers, a shop here in Clarksville. I keep it in the closet and my wife and daughter know where the key to the closet is, and that they are to grag THAT gun if they need to. That way they don't have to worry about a safety just pull the trigger. I really enjoy shooting this gun I even use it to deer hunt.
  10. azguy

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    LD Did you get the gun yet? How is it?
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    it is good..I need a 4 inch barreled .357 magnum to go with a holster I just bought
    :hmmm: :guitar: :right: :target:
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    I know what you mean. Back in September I picked up two Smiths, a Model 65 and a model 66 for $500 tax included, out the door. Great guns. Very accurate and fun to shoot too.

    Rolan Kraps
    Gainesville, GA
  13. Police trade-in revolvers were a great buy back in the 1990's. I remember buying a couple of K-frame guns for not much cash. Haven't seen too many since then. I guess some smart shooters bought 'em all up.

    I don't have much faith in trade-in autoloaders. Had a problem with a S&W Mod. 6904 once.
  14. I'll buy a police trade in right after I marry on of the working girls down on 86th St. jk
    Naw I wouldn't buy a used gun without knowing the person who owned it, or if it was certified preowned from the factory
  15. Shaun

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    I have bought several in the past and they have all been in very good condition.
  16. Big Dog

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    I've got my eye on a buddy's 6" Smith .38, once owned by a now-deceased local Sheriff. Other than being nickeled (ruined it's "collector value"), it's in great shape and shoots wonderfully. Feels good in my hands too. Pat isn't a serious shooter at all, so I'm trying to talk him into selling it to me for a fair price. :)
  17. Logansdad

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    been jonesing for another .357 magnum :hmmm: :uzi:
  18. Buddy of mine at work bought a trade in -- 229 Sig Sauer. Looked new.
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    I just got an L Frame .357 magnum model 681 marked "State Highway Patrol" above a winged wheel above "OHIO" on the right side of the frame..it has the ugliest wood grips I've ever seen on it..it just so happens that I have an old offset drop Gould & Goodrich leather duty holster and some 125 grain Triton Quik Shoks
  20. Vintovki

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    I've seen some police turn-in revolvers that looked like someone used them to drive nails. I've also found a few that were carried a lot and shot a little. The stainless is a 6" Ruger Service-Six, it has a Hogue grip on it and she shoots outstandingly well. This I found at a local shop several years ago when everyone was changing over from a revolver to auto. The finish was yellowed and the gun itself was filthy; it cleaned up nicely. The second is a S&W Model 10 with a heavy barrel. These were traded in back in the early 90's, it has the NY logo stamped under the replacement grips. This gun came with almost no bluing and the bore was quite leaded. I gave it a good cleaning and then beadblasted and blued the metal. I think I paid $165 for the Ruger and $110 for the S&W, with a little work they are proven to be worth the money.[​IMG]