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police trade ins

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    Did anybody else read the recent article in Gun Tests about police trade in .357s. They merely confirmed what I've been telling people for years. They are the best value out there. Check the crane to make sure it isn't bent, check the forcing cone for cracks & check the barrel for bulges.
    If you're only going to buy just one gun a stainless 4 inch barreled .357 is a hard one to beat. Oh yeah I forgot most people want to buy a pistol that they think will enable them to win the "Great Miami Shootout" with the "Hell's Angels".:target:
  2. No Duncan, I didn't see that...although I do little mag reading these days.

    But, it's interesting you mention trade-ins.

    The department I worked for before I retired didn't subscribe to the trade in idea for years.

    Way back when when we went from S & W 686s to Colt 1911 (dating myself I know, lol) every one of the revolvers were destroyed. They logged in every number as the Officers turned them in (and couldn't get the new 1911 until the old 686 was turned in) and when they got a large number three departmental officials witnessed each one cut up with a torch and transported to a smelter. They did the same with the 1911 when we went over to the Berettas.

    I saw some very fine guns put to unneeded rest. It was a shame.

    They even did it to the old Winchester 12 guage shotguns when we went with Remington 870s. I can't remember the model on the Winnies but they are classics now but too were destroyed back then.

    I get sad when I think of the waste and I also wonder how many of the guns made it into the hands of the upper level officials who were 'assuring' their destruction.
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  3. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    A friend of mine here at work recently acquired a .38 Smith with six-inch barrel and nickel finish, previously owned by a now-deceased local Sheriff. We don't know if it was a duty weapon, or just his personal gun. It has been refinished, destroying any collector value, but the gunsmith did a good job - it's beautiful. It shoots very well. My friend is not a serious shooter, goes to the range maybe once a year. I told him if he ever wants to sell it, give me first dibs. Now to wait, and perchance to dream . . .

  4. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    I was able to pick up a SW Model 621 at a local gun shop. The Park Ranger Service in my are had traded them in as credit towards their new Glocks. I got it in excellent condition for $225! I know that included the "unofficial police discount" but heck it was an excellent price for a gun that will out live me!
  5. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    Check out Ralph Morotz's article on Karl Sokol's S&W model 65 carry conversion in the 2001 issue of Custom Combat Handguns. I highly reccomend Karl's work and he really knows how to get the most out of a S&W carry revolver without breaking your bank.

  6. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Oops! I meant SW Model 681 in my post above. Sorry about that!
  7. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    The S&W 681 is a fine revolver... underrated.

  8. logansdad,

    Although I didn't read the article you are absolutely correct in your accessment of the .357. The first handgun I ever bought was a Maryland State Police trade in in the late '80's. Although I had to have one small repair done a couple years ago it has otherwise been the best pistol I've purchased to date. IMHO it is the best combination of reliablity and penetration power out there. Before I get jumped on yes I also respect the 1911 ( I have one also).

    The main reason at the time that I purchased the pistol ( other than it was relatively inexpensive) was because my father had one when we lived in Alaska, and my Uncle who was a Sheriff's Deputy at the time carried one. They both swore by them. That was good enough for me.
  9. yes, it was a good article & true. i picked up a trade in s&w m64 3" ss with bobbed hammer(dao) a few years ago for $189
  10. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    I think the 1911A1 is an overrated, obselete, swinging link dinosaur (I suspect I will draw alot of fire for that blasphemy), but I like the caliber
  11. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    And fire you will get Just a matter of time!
  12. Cuzzin Mitch

    Cuzzin Mitch G&G Newbie

    :D Hey thar cuzzin Jack!!
    To Logansdad:I posted this pic some time ago on another discussion board but what the heck......
    If'n ya think tha ol 1911 sucks, get ya one o these ol horse pistols.
    Brazilian contract S&W model 1917 45 ACP or 45 AR.
    Hard chrome refinished by Checkmate Custom in Florida.Buffalo horn grips and Tyler T-grip adapter.When yer ol cuzzin picked her up she was no better'n a sows ear ta be sure.She'll knock a small coffee can offin a fence post at 25yds. ever time cuzzin and tha chrome finish is the cat's hind end fer tha hot&humid summers we got here in
    SW Mizzoorie.Later, yer ol cuzzin Mitch.:cool:
  13. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Well there Logansdad No fire I can't believe it. And another fine firearm there cuzzin Mitch. A good day to ya sirs.
  14. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    1911A1 Mil Surplus---under $20 in 1963

    Hey logansdad: No fire from me either. As a NRA member, I was able to buy my 1911A1 thru military surplus back around 1963 for under $20. Shot it quite a lot but never did get accurate with it. I needed a lighter gun.

    Had some fun checking how fast I could field strip it and reassemble it. Got my time down to (as I remember) one minute. Could be wrong cause that's a long time ago.

    Oxford :nod: