Polish M-44

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by E.M.T. Paul, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. E.M.T. Paul

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    i just got a my 1st nagant!! Polish M 44 is there any type of safety on this gun???? thanks ALL!!
  2. PAPA G

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    congratulations!!! you are know in our power!!! you will find yourself hooked to the wonderful world of Mosin-Nagant!!!the saftey it is the cocking piece on the rear of the bolt. with a good grip pull back and twist about quarter inch counter-clockwise. the cocking piece fits in the notch in the bolt body. difficult to use but it worked for the soviet infantry!!!!

  3. Calvin

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    This will definitely lead to a collection before too long. As Papa G said, you WILL get hooked!! Congrats and have fun.....
  4. We should tell him that the bruised shoulder will go away and so will most of the ringing in the ears
  5. Cranky-Kraut

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    Should we warn him about the flame-throwing capabilities of the M44 or risk having him start a whole new series of forest fires?

    Seriously though....I have what was an unissued Polish M44 and I love it more than any of my previous Mausers, Nagants, etc. Its a GREAT little cannon and once I had my dislocated shoulder poped back into place everything was fime.

  6. Doglips

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    The kick is accptable...the muzzle blast/flash looks like some kind of atomic bomb shock wave if you watch.....makes people at the range look at you kinda funny. But the bigest danger is that the KGB has coated these rifles with a very addictive substance.....you find your self getting 1 or 2 more varients just because...then you get to the diffrent countries..modles and then a C&R (to save $$) next thing you know you have to explain to the wife that a Polish and Russian M-44 are not the same......besies honey it was only $99 and thats "cheep".

    Best advise is get a soft comfortable couch before you get hooked....fold out beds are best. Then go to the range with lots fo Ammo (people will want to try it) and enjoy. If you can shoot it at dawn/dusk it looks great!
  7. Calvin

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    If your wife wants to know where you got your info, we DO NOT know who you are..........