Political Correct Terms

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    Political Correct Terms
    Dirty Old Man: Sexually focused chronologically gifted individual.

    Perverted: Sexually dysfunctional.

    Panhandler: Unaffiliated applicant for private-sector funding.

    Serial-Killer: Person with difficult-to-meet needs.

    Lazy: Motivationally deficient.

    Fat: Horizontally challenged.

    Fail: Acheive a deficiency.

    Dishonest: Ethically disoriented.

    Bald: Follicularly challenged

    Clumsy: Uniquely coordinated.

    Body Odor: Nondiscretionary fragrance.

    Alive: Temporarily metabolically abled.

    Worst: Least best.

    Wrong: Differently logical.

    Ugly: Cosmetically different.

    Unemployed: Involuntarily leisured.

    Short: Vertically challanged.

    Dead: Living impaired.

    Vagrant: Nonspecifically destinationed individual.

    Spendthrift: Negative saver.

    Stoned: Chemically inconvenienced.

    Pregnant: Parasitically opressed.

    Ignorant: Knowledge-based nonpossessor.
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    I probably say something politically incorrect about half the time I say anything because there's so many things we aren't supposed to say nowadays. Can't soft peddle everyone all the time. People need to develop a little sense of humor and not take everything personally.