Poly Tech underfolder question

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, May 18, 2008.

  1. Iron_Colonel

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    I was just curious, how much do you guys think a good one goes for or one can buy for? Or what/how many variations are there of underfolding Poly Tech AKs? Not looking at getting rid of mine, just kinda looking to see a ballpark figure of how much its worth. I have three mags for it, and one 10 rd one. One of the mags must have come with the gun because it had a chrome follower. I was wondering why only one of them was chrome. Heres a pic of it. Its the same one from the "meanest looking AK" thread.

  2. squirrelblaster

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    i dont know what its worth but it sure is perdy!!

  3. just_a_car

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    I purchased a Poly-marked 5 round AK mag and it had a chrome follower. I replaced it with a plastic TAPCO 5-to-10 round follower.

    I'm not exactly sure how many models Poly Tech put out.
  4. Rex Kramer

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    ChiCom under folders sell for some real high prices on GB.
    NIB command a premium price ~
  5. Iron_Colonel

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    Thats what kinda sparked my interest was what I saw on GB. I didn't know if anyone had any ideas outside of GB, maybe experiences, etc...I wish my grandpa had the box for this AK, maybe thats where he got the 3 mags for it. I don't know. But there was no sling, or other accessories that were in that NIB pic. The bayonet he stuck on a shelf and had a heavy box sitting on the blade, and hung his coat on it. So I have no idea if there is a sheath, or whatever. He never mentioned a box for it. Who knows. Was just throwing it out there. I saw the high prices on GB, and thought if I ever wanted to sell it, might be good to know how much to ask for something like that. Anyways, anything helps. Thanks.