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Discussion in 'AK47' started by nightmare905, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. nightmare905

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    This guy is asking $700 for a Polytech AKS. Here are some pics and what he says about the rifle.

    "Hey Brian, it is surface rust and no I do not have the wood furniture. I guess someone picked it up and put it away a number of times without wiping it off. The rifle looks to only have been fired very few times. The piston is very clean and the rest of the rifle is like new no rust, dings , dents, or pitting. These are the earliest Poly Techs before they cut the receivers and machined off the threads. Like I said in the ad its not a safe queen or collectable piece but a very dependable shooter. I have seen the wood sets and they are around 100.00 new."

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  2. nightmare905

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    Some More....


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  3. YugoCrazy

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    NICE!!!!!!!!! Even Though I'm Not Too Fancied On The Plastic Stock And Handguards...Still A Nice Rifle Overall I Think...And I LOVE Polytech
  4. jmp8927

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    Shop around and find an Arsenal. Just as good a rifle, if not better, and they're lighter because they use a stamped receiver.
  5. mack

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    Polytechs are the most valuable of the AK rifles. Definitely better made than any stamped receiver rifle and will always bring back more than you paid at this price. Consider having a competent smith either touch up the corrosion or have it all reblued (not parked!) to secure its value.

    This is a military-standards rifles and should not be confused with commercial built rifles. Frankly, $700 is not a bad price, but I would offer some less to cover the cost of refinishing should it prove necessary.

    And yes, it can be made very valuable again as a collector piece for very little effort.
  6. jmp8927

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    ^Actually, the Poly Tech were SPECIFICALLY built FOR export to civilians. They are as commercially built as you can get, not that that has anything to do with quality. The Arsenal AKs are as exact a copy of a current production Russian Military issue AKS as you can have without going full auto. They use Russian made receivers that are produced right alongside the receivers that go onto the rifles their military uses and also use brand new Bulgarian parts that are identical to the Russian parts. Everything is Russian mil-spec, making Arsenal AKs the ONLY brand new, mil-spec AK47 variants in the country available to civilians. And for the record, the original AK-47 prototype had a stamped receiver. They only used milled because Russia didn't have the machinery capability to manufacture stamped receivers until a few years later. Soon as they got the stamping machines set up, they switched to them. Milled receivers were simply too heavy and too expensive to make and offered no real advantage in any area over a stamped receiver.

    Rant over.
  7. nightmare905

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    So would you guys say go for it or not? The only real reason it caught my eye was because polytechs are no longer imported and the one around go for more than double this one. If I do get it I'd plan on fixing that rust and I plan on shooting it alot. I understand collectors are after these guns but would it be bad if I made it a casual shooter even in it's not so immaculate condition? Or should I just invest in an unissued yugo ska from SOG for $330? I would love an arsenal but I don't know if I'd be willing to spend 700 on one considering you can get one so easily. Honestly the only reason Im considering a polytechnic is because they are pretty rare.
  8. jmp8927

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    If you do buy it as a collector, you would be better off not shooting it much at all. It would essentially have to be a safe queen. Also realize that only the people who think Polys are better than everything else will pay a premium for that rifle. I personally only buy firearms to shoot them. As such, I would buy the Arsenal if I could afford one(can't right now), even though they're fairly common. That's just me though. If you can buy the poly, clean it up, and then turn around and sell it for $1000+, that would be really cool.
  9. BigEd63

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    Get it, despite what some Russo-philes may say for $700 you got a top end AK for a real good deal.

    And it's already to "Rodeo" as is with out needing to be put back to normal like a MAK-90 or Saiga.
  10. Sprout47

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    $700 for a Polytech is a steal - I prefer the stamped receivers anyhow, early Polytech milled rifles had weak steal and would break around 1,000 rounds or so.

    High quality and it is a pre-ban rifle as well.
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  11. Sprout47

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    As far as the Polytech was made for the commercial market - Polytech is a military arms procurer for export and on more than one occasion they landed themselves in trouble for importing Type-56 AK's (military rifles) to the US to be sold as semi's - the last one landing them a perma ban from importing in the US.
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  12. Sprout47

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    Some info about it can be found here - seems you have a C series which came with some 'improvements' like a spring-loaded firing pin and some other things.

  13. nightmare905

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    Thanks for the info and link Sprout. Im researching this as I write this.
  14. PSLMAN

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    That's a pretty cool site, your Google skills amaze me sometimes.