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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by powerkicker, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. powerkicker

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    Does anyone know where I can find new or lightly used Chinese M14 mags for my polytech?The gI mags don't lock in just right but the Poly mags always do.I just want to grab a "few" spares. Thanks
  2. shaddownone

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    I got 6 new in the grease I would trade for USGI

    I got 6 new in the grease I would trade for USGI. Ok 5 in grease 1 cleaned for testing.

    Sounds like I'm getting over, but the Chinese ones work in my Springfield.

    You can try CDNN investments.

  3. Gyrene

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    powerkicker & shadownone - My experience has been that both USGI and ChiCom M14 mags work well in either the Poly Tech or Norinco, and the same goes for all other versions of M1A/M14 that I have talked with their owners.

    The ChiCom M14 mags were made on the same machinery as the USGI M14 mags were, similar to the Poly Tech & Norinco receivers being made on the same machinery that was used to create the USGI M14's. The biggest difference is that there will be no Manufacturer ID on the ChiCom Magazines, dimensionally all of the ChiCom & USGI M14 mags I have checked are within specified drawing tolerance.
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    chicom mags

    try www.fulton-armory.com

    they got a good article on m-14 mags.
    i believe the mags made in Taiwan are on us machinery. not the chicom ones. but the chicoms work just fine.