Pope Francis makes deal with the ChiComs

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  1. BigEd63

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    Exactly, it's the same as judging all Protestants by only one Protestant denomination or church's doctrine. And there's plenty I don't agree with due to "interpretation" and practice.
    Although some of them would deem me "un-christian".

    My main point is how does any so called Christian Church deem what amounts to an "unrepentant sinner" to be "saved"?

    Where does it end? All sins being equal does any church that accepts homosexuality and gay marriage as okay then have any right to rile and pass judgement on any other sin?
    Very shaky ground the current Pope is stepping out on.
    And now making nice nice with the Chi-commie gov't?

    It's sounding like the people Father Malachi Martin spoke up about have current control of the Vatican.:(
    Meaning the socialists who infiltrated the Jesuit order, he warned of that around 50years ago.
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  2. Huey Rider

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    They’re socialist bordering on communist.
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  3. shanebrews

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    And. . . Francis has announced more Cardinal elections to be ratified at the end of November. Something like 12 or 13 new electors coming to the college of Cardinals (he occasionally selects someone who is too old to vote at a conclave). Now he can ensure the Catholic church continues in the direction he set.
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  4. eastbank

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    i left the church when they lied-hid-transfered ped,s and left them stay in the church where they could still do their dirty work with children. one of the biggest sins in the world to me.
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  5. Huey Rider

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    Packing the College of Cardinals similar to what the deamoncraps want to do to the SCOTUS.
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  6. PaleHawkDown

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    Look, I'm not Catholic, but the Pope's job is to be God's representative on Earth. If what he says is counter to the Bible, then he is simply not doing his job.

    He has given his church unto Caesar, and has joyfully embraced the sodomites.
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  7. PaleHawkDown

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    I don't see the issue there. A Samaritan helped a Jew, Jesus helped prostitutes, lepers, and placed his hand on the dead (which is against Abrahamic law), and I do not see anywhere in the Bible where it says NOT to help someone in need, even if you believe them to be your enemy.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Saladin, the most famous Muslim leader of the Crusades, would regularly offer medical care to his Christian enemies and send them home when they were healed. He also established a period of free religion during his stint as ruler of Jerusalem.
  8. TXplt

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    I think the issue is that Jesus (and others) were all inclusive and helped people because he WANTED to (in leadership by example moments used to teach). The key point that you were doing so without the premise of return as the right way to live. And may well be willing voluntarily to help someone who was perceived as an enemy. In fact the key tenet BEING in using YOUR free will to help others.

    The paradigm changes completely when you're FORCED to or coerced into doing so (like being taxed under threat of force and law). Not only does this deprive one of the joy of giving, but also can direct that seizure of resources in a direction the person doesn't want.

    Even in the case of a church which goes down a path the congressional member would not want, that member still has a CHOICE as to whether or not to be a part of that organization.
  9. runfiverun

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    if they see it as a choice.
    ain't nobody going against grandma.
    and grandma ain't not going to church.
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    If St. John Paul II is spinning in his grave, so is St. John XXIII. He reached out to the Eastern Orthodox churches, but he had nothing to do with the Communist regimes. Neither he nor JPII would have anything to do with the ChiCom government.

    Pope Francis has gone down in my estimation because of this action.
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  11. Huey Rider

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    Pope Francis was known to be a bleeping socialist before he was even elected pope.
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