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    Me and a buddy from work have been traping wild pigs. using one trap we have caught 7 in two days 6 of them have been 35-50 lb today we got a 100lb sow with 2 small ones. Id post pics but using the instructions provided in stickys and faq I still cant get it done.
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    I presume from the title of the post these feral hogs are freezer-bound?


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    soon ! some may not make it there ala hillbilly lou owww !
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    is a 35lb pig even worth butchering? That would be like 2 bbq sammiches an thats it
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    The tiny ones are the most tender :)

    1 Squirrel = 1 BBQ sammich

    35lb pig should getcha at least 10 good sammiches :D
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    Ok, here's my Picture Primer.

    1. Click on User CP.
    2. Click on Pictures and Albums on the left side of the screen.
    3. Click on Add Album.
    4. Click on Upload Pictures.
    5. Three BROWSE buttons will appear, click each one in turn and find pics you like, choose one by clicking OPEN.
    6. Click Upload Pictures centered below those Browse buttons.
    7. Wait...it'll take a few minutes, G&G has the slowest pic loading times I've ever seen...but it WORKS :D
    8. The next screen will show you your pics, and you can then put a caption on each one.
    9. Click on Save Changes button.

    You can Edit your pics and change which one is your Album Cover whenever you feel like it.

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    Thanks Big Shrek ! I got two pics om my page in my album titled recent catch. I still couldnt figure how to post them here. I am no computer guru. Any way Ive got the trap set out again tonight we will find out tommorrow. The smaller pigs we are fattening up in a holding pen . put the sow down tonight and is being butchered by another right now. The spot we put the trap is next to a guys deer stand by a feeder and game cam . He's got a picture of twelve on it. He said the pigs have run off all the deer and turkey. He wants them gone so I'm pig trappin for a while.-+
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    Ok, now that you have them in your album...click on the pic to make it big.
    Hit the Right click button on top of the pic, which will bring up a menu...
    choose Properties...
    Left click on the address (turns it blue) and hit COPY. http://blahblahblah
    Make sure you get the WHOLE address...start at the top until the whole thing turns blue.
    Go to where you wish to put the pic, and hit the little picture icon
    PASTE the info into the box and hit OK.
    Finish your post and hit the post button :)
    Should look like this...
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