Posse Comitatus Act (Title 18 Section 1385),

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    This artical below...talks about the Posse Comitatus Act (Title 18 Section 1385), ... not useing milatary as police aginst us citizens...what do you all think...does the use a spy planes to catch the sniper violate it? Should we "Bend" the laws and use them if it does?

    by AL MARTIN

    It has been reported that the Pentagon plans to use the ARL - Airborne Reconnaissance Low - aircraft to hunt for the so-called DC Sniper(s).

    The lawsuit filed by the ACLU, however, has delayed its use.

    It's probable that this suit will be dismissed under pressure from the Bush Administration. When it's announced, it will be a direct contravention of the Posse Comitatus Act (Title 18 Section 1385), which limits the use of the military in domestic law enforcement.

    The irony is that there is overwhelming public support for the use of the military aircraft.

    Ultimately lawsuits or not - the aircraft will be used - and in fact it's very likely that it probably has been used already.

    Using the 24/7 geo-synchronous satellites would also be abrogating the act because these are military satellites.

    When the sniper is caught, they'll claim that it's because of the use of this equipment, which will then garner further support for the overturning of Posse Comitatus, which will come at a time that the Bush Administration regains control of Congress.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I don't see any problem with its use to get the sniper...this guy must be stopped by any means necessary! I just don't want them to make a habit out of it. It should be used in VERY EXTREME cases ONLY!

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    I agree with NRAJoe
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    From the reports I have read the use of the aircraft would fall within the guidelines of the Posse Comitatus Act in that the equipment is loaned to law enforcement and military pilots flying planes can only relay information to law enforcement.
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    They are putting FBI agents on the plane,thus,creating a "loophole" in the act. I too,hope they don't make a habit of it.
  6. Stopper

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    Thats my understanding also Stewart.

    This is one of those situations where we have to be very careful - because if we let them do it for this - then we'll probably let them do it for everything else. This SOB has to be caught, but we can't go using the Constitution as TP everytime some wacko goes wacko!
  7. Once again, the ACLU sides with criminals!


    Well, once again the ACLU comes to the aid of a criminal!

    While I agree that the use of these planes is an extreme measure, this is an extreme situation. The ACLU suit is not totally frivilous though. While I think they have deeper motives than the Posse Comitatus act being protected, we do need to keep both eyes open here.

    There has to be a line drawn, or extreme situations can be "manufactured" to bend the Posse Comitatus act in the future. Almost no one here has a beef with the planes being used in this case.

    But I will give credit to the ACLU for pointing out there is a reason to watch future actions like this. If accepted to willingly, we may have blue helmets on every corner, "for our safety"......
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    ALL THE FREEDOM we have lost at the hands of the Liberal/Communist in this country all comes down to the battle cry.WE MUST DO SOMETHING! All this is about is to overturn a law that keeps the Military off the streets and the "Sniper" is the excuse to do it...The same excuse will be used to register your guns and later to confiscate them...FREEDOM is not FREE and when we loose it we will never get it back and it is lost a little bit at a time...But that is ok WE MUST DO SOMETHING RIGHT COMMRADE?????
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    All I want to know, is the ACLU going to sue in favor of gun owners one day?
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    Doesn't the state have the right ot request higher assistance, including the military? I know the state can call in the Nat'l Guard, but I know that's different.

    I have no problem with this in the least bit. Extreme times gentlemen.
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    Anyone who don't already realize that the feds already use this type of technology to keep track of us from time to time is living in La La land.
  12. No the state does not thats federal law. Look what happened at Waco. I don't agree with military use. Not even for extreme cases. What's it going to be next time? Who sets the standards for extreme cases? Well we used the military on that sniper guy and it worked. This situation is almost as bad let's use the military again. Do you get my point?
  13. Stopper

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    If you are willing to give up some liberties for some "security" than you deserve niether security nor liberty!

    Stick that in your pipes and smoke it!

    How can you even begin to think "extreme times mean extreme measures" BULLPUKY - ABSOLUTE BULLPUKY

    No way do we let the military in, if law enforcement doesn't have these planes, than tuff chit - go buy them and then go to court for privacy reasons - I'm sure the ACLU will like that - but to have the military in on this just opens up the flood gates.

    What is it gonna take before everyone realizes the gummit will lie and lie to get thier way and if we let them do this next time it will probably be the whole military working on all us!

  14. Just what my signature refers to.
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    Dang...changed my mind!!!

    :fuss: :p :D
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    I follow you Alan...good post.
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    Good for you guys,if we let the the military set a precedent they WILL do it again,soon,we'll have tanks and checkpoints in our towns.
  18. Rock

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    It is good to see posts from people that understand...Remain ever vigilante...
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    Sounds like the FBI or whatever group of people who ARE responsible for getting the work done need some new toys and the training to use them in "special" circumstances.
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    What matter the methods they use to violate our rights? A soldier with a rifle is bad news, whether he be National Guard, Army regular, or Red Chinese. Whatever they're doing or did or are about to do, they would do it regardless the source of the equipment and personnel. They already have all the power they need to mash us like wine grapes.