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Posse Comitatus Act

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by wes, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Tom Ridge wants the government planners to consider using the military for domestic law enforcement. This is prohibited by federal law. This sounds like "Police State". However,NONE of us are terrorists,so we have nothing to worry about; yet.:assult:
  2. Artillius6918

    Artillius6918 G&G Newbie

    Wes, though it may sound harsh and inconsiderate, you should pull your head out! Thier is plenty to be concerned about! The "Police State" you speak of is at hand. Though I am a rabid consevetive republican, I pray the dems. will put a halt to Ashcroft and Ridge's treason. These people scare me. They are, obviously, eletists(sp.?). How long before we have check points at the city limits? These people need to be stopped before they gut the fourth amendment entirly.

  3. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Art, what I meant was WE know we aren't terrorists,but the government MAY decide,at any time, that we ARE. Yes we do need to get ready for a Police State, that they are even considering using military for domestic law enforcement should be a red flag for all of us. And,if the U.N. gets involved,we will have foreign troops enforcing laws here.
  4. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    I think you are right,man,that's just what we need,a UN inforced police state!I think the media is driving them to the rail and soon they will be going overboard.The Dems want to consider it but have not commited yet,they may push it then try to use it as a scare for Nov.We are dealing with a bunch of backstabbers for sure!:confused: :confused: :confused: :(

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Man the U.N. would love to stomp all over our rights in this country. Then they could finally get their global dis-armament agenda through! The U.N. headquarters needs to be moved to Geneva, out of this country all together.
  6. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    As far as I am concerned the UN needs to be moved to a far warmer location than it is in now,a place other than this Earth!:nod: :nod: :nod: :nod: :mad: :mad: :assult:
  7. Stopper

    Stopper G&G Newbie

    Dump the U.N. they have zero business here in the states!

    They need to remember the words of Hirahito - a gun behind every blade of grass!!!

    We can take care of ourselves - thank you!
  8. Them Blue helmets sure do stand out don't they!:full:
    is that a good or bad thing??:D :D
  9. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    hold it the military can't be used against US citizens that would be unconstitutional and that would be the very thing that the constitution is designed to protect us against. The Military is to deal with protecting the borders of the USA and its interests and nothing more.
  10. Rock

    Rock G&G Newbie

    It is not if but when Posse Comitatus is overturned the Military will be used against us, but not to worry 250,000 are UN troops that are in this country right now and will have operations in california on 7/25/02... And our friend FEMA has there new arm patch readdy to go and you do know about the FEMA camps that have been bult across this country for us?... you do not need to believe me there is to much info on the net you can find out for your self, but here is a start It is time to wake up!!!
  11. New World Order -- does that ring a bell?
  12. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Rock,thanks for that link.
  13. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    Yep...excellent site. Everybody should see that.
  14. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    If you give them an inch they'll take a mile...if they get one foot in the door somebody else will kick it down
  15. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Thanks for that info Rock!
  16. Rock

    Rock G&G Newbie

    I would like to thank you all for the positive feed back...When you use words like New World Order, FEMA, NATO, and the other alphabet organizations you never know the response you will get...But one thing I do know, if they think they will turn this country into another third world nation and take our rights away with out a FIGHT....Well....They need to have there worldly affairs in order...(WE THE PEOPLE are AMERICA) and if they wont to play with us COME GET SOME!!! :assult:

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  17. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

  18. Don't guess we need 911 anymore.
  19. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    Iv'e got a couple of years left on my Mil commitment before retirement. I'd like to go 20+, but this kind of stuff worries me. I'd hate for someone to tell me, you have to go do this or that when it goes against everything we believe in. Liberty, Justice, Freedom, etc. I'ts a bad deal. Alot of voting and letter writing needs to be done, if it's not too late already.