Post-Election Unrest

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    Geez, if you think Bidumb has rocks for brains, what about the addled Democrat governor of Washington, Jay Inslee? He's the uber-ditzel who, when asked for comment by a reporter, said he wasn't even aware that downtown Seattle had literally been taken over by rioters, the so-called CHOP/CHAZ. Talk about feeble and unplugged...

    Now he has 300 Washington National Guard troops undergoing "Military Assistance for Civil Disturbance Training." In other words, he's preparing for post-election unrest. Sounds like he thinks Trump will win and Seattle will burn. I hope he's right.

    Post-election force is one thing, but as an aside no military can be present in an official capacity at a place where voting is underway (though troops can individually vote, of course). Not sure what the genesis of that law was, but it passed in 1948 and is found in United States Code title 18, section 592. Here is the full text:
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    We have a history of sending in our rough tough law dogs.:D

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    Kellen: Sir; this article “idiot” from June 2020 seems to not have gotten the message to Inslee

    "Don't be a sheep," Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza said to loud applause from a mostly mask-less crowd gathered in a church parking lot.

    Snaza's comments were captured by a photographer for The Daily Chronicle newspaper and posted to YouTube.

    On Wednesday, Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer, who has previously refused to enforce state laws and was recently featured in The New Yorker magazine, also blasted Inslee's order in an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting. Songer called the governor an "idiot" and said he's "overstepping his bounds, violating people's constitutional rights
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    I'm sure glad I don't live in WA, anymore.

    It is the most beautiful state in the nation, geographically, BUT it is one of the WORST states in the nation, politically. The californicators destroyed it.
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