Post office raising price "again"

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  1. samuel

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    This is "NOT" political.It is just disgust at watching the union pull their usual in a "GOVERNMENT" run deal again and evidently ruin/bankrupt another government controlled branch by outpricing themselves in entitlements and coming back on the tax payer to cover their greed.I hope everyone will look at this and realise what is going to happen as gov takes over the auto industry,finantial institutions,etc,etc.I am so mad,and also scared with the gov we have at present.Ah well,another union program backed by "BIG GOV".
  2. SwedeSteve

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    I get mad every time the price of a stamp goes up !! My wife reminds me that just for that little stamp I can throw an envelope in the mail box and they'll usually deliver it anywhere I desire !!

  3. PAPA G

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    should have bout a load of forever stamps when they first came out.:22:
  4. CrazyIvan

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    I don't trust USPS as far as I can throw them. I try to do everything electronically. I even drive my rent check to the landlord, because I don't trust USPS to get it there. I have said it before. USPS warehouses have one of the lowest employee bases around. They lie, cheat & steal anything they thing they can get away with. One reason is that it is one of the larger "affirmative action" hiring positions. Rather than hire people who are cut out for the job, they hire any lowlife with a foreign last name that decides to apply.
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  5. grizcty

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    Was at Costco today.
    And they STILL sell, the forever stamps!

    I personally don't mind the USPO price increases.
    Still cheaper for me to mail, then any other way.
    Remember the need for the postal service.
    Was written in the US Constitution.
    But they DID NOT mention, the need foe a union!

    I DO mind, the new .75 cent a pack tobacco tax!
    I heard on the radio.
  6. FN FAL

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    I have friends and one relative that work for the postal service and they all say the same thing that in the past 10 years or so they have done alot of hiring of the "slow or dead beat" segment of society. My cousin is a letter carrier and used to be when they got gone for the day they were done, they went home. Now with all the slugs they have hired when they are done with their route they have to go help the slugs deliver and / or sort mail at the post office to finish off their day.

    One thing you have to remember though here is that the union didn't hire a single one of the postal employees, that is done by the leftist elite running each branch. What the slugs know though is that if they can get hired on its virtually impossible to get rid of them completely. If they can't cut being a carrier they know they can get slotted into a postal station job and hopefully bump a good worker back out as carrier.

  7. Chris

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    I've had one issue with the mail service. The claim to deliver a package, they never did. They couldn't deliver it, because it got lost. I said that's fine cover the content. Had to fight tooth and nail. Got it taken care of.

    Most of the time, I'm very impressed with the mail service.
  8. oldjarhead

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    I heard on the news last night the postal increase was turned down so the price of a stamp will remain at 44 cents...for awhile.
  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    I'd be willing to accept no Saturday mail delivery if the USPS would hold the line on price increases for ten years. Back when I was selling stuff on eBay regularly (don't do much of that any more and won't until the economy picks up), about half the time the Post Office was the least expensive way to ship packages. I'd have used them a lot more if they had a decent tracking system. As it was, for anything expensive I shipped it UPS, precisely because of their reliable tracking system. If the USPS wants to stay competitve with FedEx, UPS and DHL, they need to develop tracking software as good as what the overnight services have or better.
  10. Oxford

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    Naturally, I'm glad the postage rate for 1st class mail will remain at 44 cents. But...sooner or later it will increase. Since 1841, when the first US stamps were issued there have been over 4,000 new stamps issued. Those Pony Express riders really earned their money.

    As a stamp collector I've noticed how few first class stamps are being used now. And...with the adhesive used on stamps, it is really difficult to unglue them as in the past. Very few people care about this, I know, or cares(ha), but this hobby of mine is really going slow now.
  11. CrazyIvan

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    Rather than ungluing them, can you just cut the paper around it & keep them that way?

  12. Yep, I heard the same thing.
  13. Well,

    as prices go up and up I and my family mail less and less. If it were not for unwanted advertising we would not get two pieces mail a week.
    We get about twenty pieces of unwanted advertising/brochures/catalogs per week. My wife bought one piece of higher priced jewelry from a catalog a year or so ago then they must have sold our name to a wide group of vendors from which it is most likely we will never purchase any item.
  14. oldjarhead

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    Welp, with all the junk mail and advertisements that have a pre-paid return envelope...strike your name, pack all the crap into the return envelope and send it all back..."they" have to pay postage and it keeps the USPS in business without raising stamp rates. If everyone did this there would not be a need for higher stamp prices.
    Well, at least until the "they" figure out what's going on and stop sending their junk.
  15. CrazyIvan

    CrazyIvan G&G Enthusiast

    I throw all the junk mail into a box and when it fills up, empty it into the garbage. I always want to drive down to the Post Office and dump it on their doorstep. Same with phone books. It seems I am never able to see those ninjas to tell them to get the hell outta here with those **** things.

    I've been wanting to call the Post Office and ask them to pay for waste processing. That is all it is. They drop it off, and I move it into the trash.