Post pictures of yourself.

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  1. ACfixer

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    Nice! I am a member of the Legend in My Own Mind hall of fame. :D

    Is his '52 original? I have a '52RI that I've modded to death, but it still looks the part other than the humbucker in the neck Keith style. I play mostly through a Hot Rod Deluxe that I did some tube mods to in order to tame that volume pot some. I'm a sucker for Fender tube amps.
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  2. Sportsterboy

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    His Tele is a vintage (not a RI) 1952 (this was back in late 70's before all the manufacturers starting making RI's). Body had been stripped of original finish, but otherwise was original.
    I'd gotten rid of all my guitars/amps/etc. back in 2001-2002 time frame. I'm back up to 8 electrics, 1 bass and the acoustic electric in the pictures.
    68 Custom Deluxe and Princeton Reverb amps and a Blues Jr. are what I've been using since getting back into playing/home recording.
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  3. ChaZam

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    Most people spell it Shazam. My intentional misspelling and the upper case C and Z in my handle is just a subtle tip of my hat and acknowledgment that I am a serious CZ firearms fan... But I'm getting close to73 years of age...
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  4. Huh? What?

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    Central AZ
    I told'ya not to buy the premium plant fertilizer, dear!

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  5. austinjoe13

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    First time in a tree since 2016. I may try it again, but I’m still feeling the ground is where it’s at for me.

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  6. Victor dog food ad. Never heard of that brand. A baseball-hatted man in his bear feet by the water with his Old Yeller retrieving dog. What a beautiful thing.
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  7. TXplt

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    Me taking a pic of the new bathroom remodel (which turned out really well and nice--had it contracted out in that while I'm good with guns, things that move, and electrics I'm horrible at finishing work when it needs to look good) without realizing I was taking a pic of me too. Getting more gray hair.

    Lots of my friends now sport beards; I just never got used to it or long hair after being 20 years in the Military. Guess I got programmed. Perhaps a pencil thin mustache is in the cards at some point if the wife won't scoff at me.
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  8. mitchr

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    Well, at least the bathroom looks good!:p
  9. Huey Rider

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    Surprised the mirror didn’t break!!:p:p:D:p
  10. jerry

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    I looked at daughters wedding pics and really seen some grey!

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  11. aht_six

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    The grandkids and I made it into the June/July issue of Minnesota Off-road magazine.

  12. Huey Rider

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    What’ bad is when what little hair you have left is gray also!
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  13. CountryBoy

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    Bathroom looks nice, Im getting the gray stuff as well.
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  14. FortyXDM

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  15. Dannyboy53

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    I know the feeling, I have a strong dislike for that color!
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  16. neophyte

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    7C5D0432-A45C-4769-AE0A-E7CD0B75CC6F.jpeg :usa:Son and wife digging out my early adventures
    Me; humility moments :p
  17. Jaison

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    Rock on, Brother Neo!
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  18. jerry

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  19. Jack Ryan

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    PJB 21 fb.jpg
    I never buy lottery tickets. I've used up all my luck.
  20. shanebrews

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    I see lots of motorbike trophies and a bit of baseball. But you live around Charlotte. . . Did you ever try pro wrestling?