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  1. I modified a clinton/gore campaign poster from '96 first i'll post the original, then the "better" one :nod:

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  2. Truthful version!

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  3. The sight of either one of those idiots makes me gag...both made me barf...yepper....fer sure.

    Ruined my appetite guy, dang, lol.
  4. sorry dale i didn't mean to make you lose your appiteit
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    The Florida version would show "Barbecue" Reno, but please don't make one. I wanna get through dinner today! LOL
  6. Actually


    I saved em both, and will use prints of them for target practice. he heee!!

    (and to any intelligence entities that may be reading this, you can't touch me for doing that until you at least dispose of the ones you copied here too!!:nod: :nod: :nod: )
  7. Never Succumb to tyranny - Sic semper tyrannis, right?
    It should read, Sic Semper Clinton & Gore & Reno

  8. Re: Re: poster

    hmmm that could work!