POW-MIA Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'Veterans' started by ALR, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. ALR

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    September 17th is POW-MIA remembrance day, wish I would have caught it sooner. Couldve planned to attend a ceremony locally.
    Thanks to all who have served and remember those who never came home.......

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  2. jerry

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    Thanks for the bump ALR

  3. SwedeSteve

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    Wish I would have realized this !! Now I feel kind of stupid !!
  4. woody1981

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    That makes two of us!
  5. chesterwin

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    Belated reverence from me as well...
  6. Yes,

    it really is important.
  7. Brandhard

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    I remember being a kid and asking my dad what that "Black POWMIA sticker" meant. I pronounced it just like that. Chills ran down my back as my dad explained it. Never Forget!