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  1. austinjoe13

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    I hate trimming brass. I hate running the crank. What is a good powered trimmer for under $200? I'd looking for either a drill attachment or a stand alone unit. Thanks.
  2. Huey Rider

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    guts from Lee EZ Trim and three jaw chuck in a Harbor Freight drill gun and foot pedal. Built the stand out of scrap lumber. Cost: less than $75.

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  3. Ten Man

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  4. austinjoe13

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    I love the ingenuity, but I’m looking for something I can unplug and put up on the shelf easily. Plus, I don’t have the means for making that setup at the moment. I am curious about the Lee Quick Trim set up, though.

    That’s definitely more than I’m wanting to spend right now, but I could probably wait for tax time if I don’t die of corona or communism.
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  5. runfiverun

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    many brands sell a 'power option'
    the lyman one you take the crank handle out and put the adaptor in.
    you supply your own drill motor.

    I gave away my rcbs hand crank trimmer and the neck cutter I had for it.
    I kept the lyman hand crank and added a neck cutter to it.[that's all it does anymore]
    this keeps the lyman powered trimmer on the bench.
    I just leave the Dillon size trimmer set up on a spare 0-frame press all the time.

    if I were gonna do it all over again I'd look at the little crow or the WFT and go with one of them.
    yeah,yeah,yeah they cost money.
    but I like having my fingers working most of the time.
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  6. jerry

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    I love to reload. I hate brass prep. Hate it.
    I have thought about alternative ways to reduce labor.

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  7. Felix's Tattoo

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    I used my old 1960’s power drill from Kmart. Took the trimmer, and tightened it down in my vice. Then I removed the crank handle from the trimmer, leaving an axle on the trimmer that my trusty old Black and Decker would fit on, where the handle used to sit, and tightened it down. Now Black & Decker plus Northern StatesPower Company, turned the trimmer, instead of my fingers. Set the adjustments just like before. Presto! It makes a horrible job into a fast-moving step in the reloading process. For the life of me, I cannot remember if I had a green trimmer, RCBS, or Hornady, red. I used both their products. Best of all, there was no extra cost. I never did re-install the trimmer handle.

    I think that I may have also de-burred cases the same way, as that is also a giant pain in the butt, when you have hundreds to do.
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  8. AK Hunter

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  9. Huey Rider

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  10. Huey Rider

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    I also chamfer and deburr with my set up.
  11. austinjoe13

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    I do already have a case prep center for the deburring and primer pocket stuff.

    I’m thinking the Lyman Universal with the drill attachment will be the way I go. I like the idea of having the pilots, so I don’t have to buy separate items for each caliber. The 30cal pilot will do 300blk, 30-30, 308, etc. It’s more of a one and done buy, it seems.

    Thank you all for replying. Lot’s of good ideas.
  12. SUBMOA

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    I have used a rechargeable screwdriver setup with the lee setup all hand held . Did 200 .308 cases at one sitting. Sucks as boring as heck but it didn't take that long and blasted some tunes while doing it.
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  13. BigEd63

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    Variable speed Craftsman/Lowe's cordless drill set on low and with the stub of my old Hornady case trimmers chucked into it.

    Before that used a big older Sears/Craftsman 500rpm drill.
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  14. Felix's Tattoo

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    it was a red Hornady trimmer..finally remembered.
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