PPK/S ejected casing question.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by C.Good., Mar 25, 2002.

  1. C.Good.

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    Hi Everyone:
    The ejected casings of my .380 PPK/S have some powder residue or carbon burn marks that covers almost half the circumference of the case and run 3/4 of the length. I'm using the Winchester "Win-Clean" ammo. Is this normal or do I have a worn chamber or out of round chamber problem. The pistol is of 1991 vintage made by Interarms and functions perfectly in all other respects. Any input is appreciated. C.Good.
  2. Don Williams

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    C.Good, If the only ammo that's doing this is the Win Clean, I'd suspect it's the ammo - perhaps a slightly slower burning powder? The other thing I would consider doing is changing the recoil spring for a new one. As the PPK/S is a straight blowback design, the only thing keeping the slide closed on firing is the recoil spring pressure. If the spring is tired, you could be getting premature slide opening, causing your powder burns/stains. I doubt if the chamber is out of spec, but it's easy enough for any 'smith to check.