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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Sutro, May 1, 2002.

  1. Sutro

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    Have a German-made .380 PPK/S that shoots high. The rear sight doesn't lend itself to being filed down - white-dot sight with the notch on a shelf. Difficult to explain, but anyway I'm looking for a rear sight to replace it with that can be filed down to point of impact. Anyone know what would work? Or at least what handguns have rear sights with the same dovetail dimensions?
  2. Logansdad

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    try a different bullet grain weight...if I had the same problem I would switch to a lighter projectile.

  3. Don Williams

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    Sutro, Sorry, I don't know of another sight with the same dimensions. The old Interarms parts list I have for the PPK/S only shows one sight, so apparently Walther only has one. Only suggestion I can offer (a long shot), is that MMC used to make a mini adjustable sight for the PPK types that used the stock dovetail. You might give them a call and see if they still have any of the old stuff left, as it's been discontinued. Their phone no. is 800 998 SITE. Good luck.
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    I heard it the other way around.
    Shoots low, go lighter.
    Shoots high, go heavier.
    But what do I know. I set a chunk of concrete about 10 or fifteen yards away, and as long as a white pull, and not dirt, is kicked up, I'm happy.

    logan's Dad : Can you give me a link on common cures to repeatedly poor shot placement, even though the sights look dead on?

    I would swear my Para CCW 7.45 is shooting 12" low at 30 yards, and I shot fifty rounds from a rest. (I spect considerable time trying to shoot a dead branck off a tree. Finally I switch to a different branch, and the lower one falls. What I REALLY need to do is take the time to set up REAL targets.

    Maybe I'm not used to the sights (right, 1000 rounds into it), and I do shoot better off-hand at 15-30 feet.
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    I just checked the Earl's Repair Service web site and he does not list different sights for the PPK.
    You can try e-mailing him at [email protected] .
    If Walther ever made different height rear sights for the PPK, then he would be the one to ask!!