Taurus PR Work

Discussion in 'Taurus' started by Jeep Thing, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Jeep Thing

    Jeep Thing G&G Addict

    Just felt I should do some PR for Taurus. I needed a screw to replace a striped one on my 45lc. One phone call, she sent me 2 new ones free of charge and good advice on how to stop it from happening again.
  2. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Don't you know no matter what your experience, Taurus sucks!

    You do know I'm joking here, I hope.

  3. Jeep Thing

    Jeep Thing G&G Addict

    Didn't know you were joking at first, almost got the crabby old fart in me front and center. lol

    But, ya she was real nice and I have run 100 - 150 carts. without that screw gettin loose.
  4. Is this the Gaucho?

    How do ya like it? There is a new one at the local shop, I cant recall if it was 357 or 45.

    I didnt know Taurus made SAA clones.
  5. matt760

    matt760 G&G Enthusiast

    My uncle had one in .45 Colt. It was a sweet gun. I was upset I found he sold it without offering it to me.