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  1. Well here I am again. First thanks for the prayers for my dad with his prostate cancer. He had his follow up last week and it looks real good but......two days later my mom found out that she likely has breast cancer again. About 7 years ago she had a partial mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation. For the last 7 years all of her exams have been good or at least that is what they said. this time when she went to the doctor and he told her that they have been watching something that they thought was scar tissue but that it seems to be growing rapidly and that there is also something in the breast that was previously unaffected by cancer. The doctor suggested a double mastectomy and my mom is ok with that but very frightened about having cancer again. So if you would throw in a prayer or two for her i would be very grateful.

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    It's good news about your Dad, but prayers sent for your Mom. With the power of prayer, she will do fine.
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    We're praying for you buddy!
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    prays sent I know what your going though my mom or dad havent had cancer... yet but ive lost plenty of family members and friends to cancer.
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    We will pray for her and the family too...
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    I'll also send a prayer upstairs.....
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    Prayer said for your mom's well being and good health and a prayer of thanks for the recovery of your dad as well.
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    Prayers sent for your mom, congrats to your dad!
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    We will gladly add them to our prayer list.
    What are their names?
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    scienceman; Sir, We will pray; Lord; we ask for your continued watchful eyes, your continued patience, your continued love, your continued understanding during our times of need.
    With "scienceman", family, friends 'mom n dad' we ask for your continued vigilance, your continued guidance, your continued strengthing we ask; in your name.
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    Prayers sent for all concerned...
  13. Prayers for your Mom 'feller'.
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    Prayers sent!
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    Afton NY

  16. Thanks everyone, Their names are Jerry and Darla
  17. Dear Scienceman.

    I have prayed to my Savior, Jesus Christ, that he bestows his full grace upon your beloved mother...

    Both parents struck by misfortune...I pray for you and your entire family as well....May the outcome bring cheers, smiles and gratitude to God Almighty....
  18. Bill,
    May the Doctors have the skills and knowledge. My Prayers and thoughts are out there for your folks and you, may your mom find comfort through her doctors, friends and family.
    GOD Bless,
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