Prayer request...please.

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  1. Today I got a text from my Sister, they have moved my Mom out of the Covid "Ward" and into another section of the facility. My Sister skyped with her, and the nurse says she is symptom-free!
    Thank You All for your prayers...again prayer heals..
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  2. rando

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    Awesome news. I know you have so much relief hearing that news.
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  3. Fantastic news! Still sending prayers for your mother and your entire family. I hope you are all able to get together soon!
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  4. neophyte

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    K75RT: Sir; we give thanks :) Knowing; God has his time for everything:)
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  5. CountryBoy

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    Sorry to hear, Prayers for your mom and family.
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  6. rangerjd

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    Praise the Lord and prayers will continue.
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  7. Kmcdowell

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    Omaha NE
    Most gracious Heavenly Father,
    We thank you for your healing power and answer to the prayers on behalf of K75RT's Mother. Let us not soon forget that you are the great healer. We continue to pray for her Alzheimers that you would deliver her. In Jesus precious and powerful name we pray, amen.
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  8. Huey Rider

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    Thank you, Lord. Prayers for her continued recovery.
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