Prayers for a Navy Vet.

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  1. My ladies brother, He served 20 yrs in the Navy, then Parks department. Shoots a 7mm.
    Good father and husband. It will leave my lady with out family but her friends and me.
    He's got Cancer in his lungs and now his bones. Procedure today with a big risk due to his heart problem, so wish an old sailor well today somewhere.
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    Good luck and godspeed to a fellow service member.

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    Prayers sent for him and his family....
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    We will keep all of you, in our thoughts & prayers.
  6. I

    will send a prayer for him and all concerned/involved.

    My father went through the same cancer progression many years ago.

    Please realize it is often best to let them go to the next life as I know what you are facing.

    Best wishes.
  7. Prayer sent and I wrote him down on my prayer list to pray often for.
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    Prayers sent for him and all his family and friends. May God watch over him closely.
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    I will Deersniper and i wonder as i pray for your she still improving my friend?
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    Afton NY
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    Fair Winds and following seas, Remember whose hand is on the helm
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    Consider it done DS.
  15. Frenchy, thanks for your concern, her brother is pretty doped up for the pain, we were planning a road trip there in October, but she may have to fly out as it progresses with him, and the wife is up and around and back to work. Thanks for all our members prayers.
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    May God provided him with comfort and peace.....
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    Will pray for her Brother and Praise God for your Wifes' healing my friend.
  18. She was crying yesterday when she called me. He doesn't want his daughter or my lady [sister] to come see him. He has confined himself in his room, only taking food and meds from his wife. He is making peace with his Creator, which he has every right to do. I sent him an e-mail thanking him for his service to our nation, and telling him of all the people including him in their prayers. God speed Hector, Fair sailing, SIR.
    I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragement, at a certain point, you look forward to your Cosmic Vacation, never being destroyed only being transformed into something better.
  19. I hope he can gather his courage, as we all shall need to do so one day....
  20. I have lost a good hunting buddy. He passed away an hour ago. His wife said he lurked here some. He wanted to to thank you fellow service members and hunters for your prayers. I was doing pretty good until his wife told me his last request. He is going to be cremated, and his ashes are going to be spread over his favorite hunting spot. He took a lot of deer there. You can't get any place better than that O Lord.