Prayers for foster parents & child

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    The background:

    One of my wife's coworkers, Emanual, and his wife took in a foster child named Tito. They got him when he was just four weeks old. His mother was a crackhead who had just been sent to jail and his father is a pedophile and convicted felon currently doing time in prison. Tito lived with them for four years. To Tito, Emanual and his wife were the only daddy and mommy he had ever known.

    A month ago, the woman who'd birthed him got out of jail and reasserted her parental rights. They had to give up the lad, who didn't understand. As you might guess, they were heartbroken.

    A day or two ago, the birth mother had a reality attack. She realized she could not give Tito as good and loving a home as Emanual and his wife could, and gave the boy back to them, surrendering her parental rights.

    E. and his wife want to adopt the boy, and the birth mother is in favor of that. The trouble is, the pedophile sperm donor does not want to give up his parental rights so the adoption can proceed. There is a hearing next month that will determine the matter.

    Now, in a sane state this would be open and shut. The judge would hear that the sperm donor is a pedophile, a convicted felon and without prospects, plus which he won't be eligible for parole for a couple of years yet. His parental rights would be severed so the adoption could proceed and that would be that. But this case is in New York City. Anyone who watches Law & Order knows that weird things can happen in NYC courts.

    Emanual, his wife and Tito need our prayers that their case will be heard by a judge with a working brain and a dislike of children being raised by pedophiles, who will sever the pedophile's parental rights, enjoin him from ever trying to contact the family, and finalize the adoption.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Will do. Prayers sent.

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    I prey that this loving family of Tito, Emanuel, and his wife, are granted this adoption through the compassion of God shedding truth and wisdom upon this judge.
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    I'll send a few up for them also....
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    Will pray for all...
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    Prayers sent!
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    as a foster parent i understand, prayers sent for tito and for emanual and his wife
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    Prayer said that this situation, and all similar, work out for the best of the child...
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    prayers sent, as a foster and adoptive parent i know what they are going thru.
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    Prayers sent. May his pedophile father get to meet God asap.
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    I'll pray for them Cyrano. Thanks for getting involved my friend.
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    Will be glad to offer prayers.