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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Coop, Mar 30, 2002.

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    The comments about the series got my interest up so I looked up my old Government Model M1911A1's serial number. The SN indicates it was built in 1968. My father bought this pistol for me new when I was about 17. Kept it all these years and only fired about 200 rounds through it. Do these pistols have a greater value than newer guns of the same model? Decided to get back into pistol shooting so I ordered a NIB Kimber Custom Stainless Target last week. Thanks for any info. Coop.
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    YES, A series 70 (I assume Colt) is worth more than the average bear. More so in your case of what is probably 90+ % I would never get rid of it, my self. You will have a good shooter in the Kimber and a family herloom to pass down with the Colt.

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    Pre 70


    You have a pre-70 Mod 1911 Colt. It is more valuable than 70 and 80 series pistols, everything being equal. The main difference is that the radius of the curve, where the trigger guard joins the grip area, is different. This is the quickest way to visually identify a pre 70 Colt. In the condition you describe it should bring a premium price.