Pre-season range report, 7x57, Mosin and others

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by bobvonb, Sep 16, 2010.

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    took my new 7x57, built by Steve Bowers, out to the desert today. It shoots like a dream. I'm 2 inches high at 100 and about the same at 200 and dead on straight. I should be good to go out past 325 PBR. This is my first non-30-06 and I couldn't believe how much fun it was to shoot. Thanks again, Steve. Nice gun.

    We hauled out a Lead Sled but found out immediately that it wasn't needed at all.

    One young man in the group shot his new Rem 700 SPC 30-06 and that took a while to get squared away but shot OK once dialed in. Another young man had a Vanguard 7 Rem Mag and it was extremely accurate. He is a big boy and can really handle that gun well. The other geezer like me in the group shot his 700 BDL .270 and first shot out of the box was dead on 1" high at 100 yds. He then shot 2 in the black at 200 and put it away for the season upcoming in 3 weeks.

    We traded guns and everyone enjoyed shooting the 7x57 and I shot the Mosin and the .270. That's the first 270 I'd shot and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of recoil, even without a recoil pad. Nice. I can see why people like them now.

    One of the kids brought his Mosin hex receiver and although I was a bit leary about shooting it I found that offhand it was not a problem at all and that I could hit the 200 yd. black too! Somewhere in the black, not saying I could group anything. Nice!

    Other than that we blasted targets with assorted 9mms, 357 revolver, and a 45 XDM. Great fun had by all. Lesson learned = get a shooting stick!
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    Sounds like a good, fun day shooting,which reminds me I need to check my zero. ..............................Waterdog.